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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sinaloa Under Attack: 42 murdered in 3 days

The wave of violence and disorder that is overwhelming northern and southwestern Mexico has now spread into Sinaloa, the untouchable home territory of the mythical drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and his Cartel del Pacifico (Sinaloa cartel).

Up to 42 execution style murders have occurred since Wednesday, June 25, in the northern part of Sinaloa bordering Sonora and Chihuahua. Six of the victims were members of state and municipal police forces.

Wednesday saw 18 men murdered including 3 state policemen killed in Los Mochis. 13 men were murdered on Thursday including 1 municipal policeman in Juan Jose Rios and 2 municipal policemen in Navolato. 11 men were murdered on Friday including 8 men executed in Ahome in 2 separate incidents.

It is rumored that independent bands of criminals from Sonora and Sinaloa, possibly with help from the Juarez cartel, are settling accounts with Chapo Guzman and his group.

Wednesday June 23rd, 2 state police agents executed in Los Mochis

Thursday 24th, 4 men executed in Juan Jose Rios

Friday June 25th, 5 Men executed on a basketball court in Ahome. One man, Sergio Herrera, was identified as a resident of Los Angeles, California.

Friday 25th, 3 men executed in Ahome


  1. Obama declare war on these thugs you wimp!!

  2. El Chapo, no doubts, is still pissing the authorities off. He's one of the cleverest and smartest blokes on the earth. He probably bribed with the officials, becaues he's impossible to be found. I wonder, if he will come out and face the forces one day.

  3. then El Chapo is a coward for my book.......NOT SCARED of him and his cowardly cronies

  4. in Mexico it is not a matter of scared or not scared is do you want to live , or do you want to die, if you die brave you are still is all about survival and how good are your chances to get away with it ...if you cross the wrong ones in Mexico then you can die sooner.... this reality transcends silly concepts such as bravery and cowardice...

  5. Yeah, residents want to stay and live in Mexico or not is up to them, unless for some reasons the forces can prevent them from leaving the country. Mexicans value their culture, language, identity, etc through a good and bad living life in the country. There are other shits in the globe that people are and yet facing. I was in Mexico once and I really liked it. Definitely I'll be back again for another vacation. Of course drug criminals are still around, I would have to say - it would happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime in a good and bad environment.

  6. Mexico has always been corrupted ! We had such a different way of corruption with money to have our way , now they are just sloppy pigs that should go to hell !

  7. We want Mexico back as our beautiful and humble homeland with natural beauty and resources ! These pigs must be dealt with !


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