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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shootout in Nuevo Laredo, Tamailipas

One dead, one wounded and four suspects detained, is the preliminary toll from a chase and shooting involving Elements of the Federal Police stationed in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The federal police were chasing a van with 6 occupants.

The incident took place Thursday afternoon at approximately 200 meters away from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, located in Colonia La Fe

Elements of the federal police, the Mexican army and especial police forces of Tamaulipas cordoned off the scene that attracted hundreds of onlookers who were watching the scene.

On the ground toward the of a black Expedition was the body of a man killed by gunfirewho was identified as Anthony Alan Guerra Prado 23 years of age.

The civilians in the Expedition did not appear to be armed and the authorities did not give any detail why there was a chase.


  1. No wonder Calderon wants Arizona's border that these people can get safely across and he won't have to deal with them!

  2. Mexico se esta muriendo, Viva Mexico.. Viva. compitas, les vuelvo a repetir, tenemos que acabar con esos piche Zetas y todos los que nos estan molestando, nosostros, todos nosotros somos mucho mas, empesemos a matarlos,uno por uno, a todos los que se associen con ellos o sinplememte les hablan a esas miedas, o todos esos ahi k darles piso,no estan matando nuestros jovenes ya no podemos vivir, uno por uno compitas, vamos acabemos con ellos ya, no podemos esperar que llegue el chapito de oro,y mucho quidado por k tienen a sus alcones k los cuidan y les dicen todo, comenzando con esos compitas, asi ya nadie los cuidara, nosotros somos toda una nacion, no los secuestren, no se tomen el tiempo para hacerles video.MATELOS en caliente, unos pikones o el mismo alambrito k les gusta a usar a ello.Hagan lo k tengan k hacer mas nunca platiken a nadie mas nunca agan grupos mas de 2. los vamos a empesar a culiar ya no se van a querer ver los hijo de su pinche madre. aca llevamos mas de 60, MAATTTTENNLLLOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS.
    Arriva el presidente, Viva Calderon
    pasenlo adelante

  3. Mexico this dying, the Alive Mexico. It lives. you compete, I return to them to repeat, we must end those piche Zs and all that estan to us bothering, nosostros, all we are much more, empesemos to kill them, one by one, to which they are associen with them or sinplememte speaks to those miedas to them, or all those k to give floor there them, do not estan no longer killing our young people we can live, one by one you compete, we go we end them already, we cannot hope that the chapito arrives from gold, and quidado much by k have to his alcones take care of them to k and they say everything to them, beginning with those you compete, thus already would take care of them to nobody, we we are all a nation, no they kidnap them, do not take the time to do video.MATELOS in the heat of the moment to them, pikones or the same alambrito k they like to use to it. They make the k have k to do but never they platiken to anybody but never they agan groups but of 2 we are going. them to empesar to culiar no longer are going away to want to see the son of its damned little mother. breadfruit we took but of 60, MAATTTTENNLLLOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS. It arrives the president, Alive Calderon pasenlo ahead

    Not sure what you meant exactly?


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