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Monday, June 21, 2010

Presenting the Sicarios and Loot

Mexico has a tradition to "present" criminals to the media after an arrest is made. They usually will also present the weapons or drugs along with the suspects.

Sometimes they even let them hold the weapons they were caught with, isn't that crazy?.

Although I find the picture above funny, many of these assassins or "sicarios" are very serious "hombres" with an arsenal of weapons that could make any military force envious. They may not look like much to some, but they can do a lot of damage and are very lethal wthout blinking an eye.

Many times they catch active or former police officers in the mix. The most common circumstance is when you have former police officers or soldiers dress in police uniforms with real fully automatic rifles.

Here are a few that were not only made to hold some of the weapons, but they were made to put on some of the fake police uniforms and bullet proof vests. The ones in front who I presume are the leaders look pissed. Perhaps except the ones in the back, even one of them has the police hat backward.

Here you can see two uniform officers that were arrested along with the criminals (they are bent down trying to conceal their identity) and some are made to hold some of their confiscated weaponry, how self incriminating is that?

There are times you see a girl in the mix along with all the weapons, and tactical gear. What was she thinking!

Sometimes they look like they are just kids.

Or when they wear their shirt with the name of the cartel, like they are proud.
In second thought, I don't know if these pictures of the suspects are incriminating, because they could make the argument that this is proof that they don't know how to hold a weapon.

It just never ceases to amaze the types of weapons from criminals the police and military have to face in Mexico. Can you imagine being a police officer and having to confront a criminal with a bazooka? Suddenly your new assault rifle in the trunk of your police car just doesn't seem adequate.

Yup, that is a grenade launcher on that AR-15.

So yeah! Sometimes we have to give credit where is due, the police in Mexico have it hard every day on the streets.


  1. That top picture is hilarious, that guy couldn't be happier to be there, just smiling and holding up that machine gun. Second, i didn't know Mexico had female officers, no offense but this hardly seems like a woman's profession, especially these days.

  2. I agree, the top picture is classic.

    A few years ago I encountered a road block in Mexico. This was before the violence, maybe 5 years ago. It was sicarios of course and yes, in picture they do not look like much but when these sicasios have guns bigger than them and will shoot for any reason, you can bet I was sweating gallons. Then they seemed like giant ultra trained elite commandos. Fortunately they only took my planters peanuts, freaking coca cola and a pack of American smokes.

    Back in the day one was more afraid to encounter police road block due to the shake down. I was shaken down for $200 that same year from a female AFI.

    How times change.

  3. Wow! Looking at the photos of those flashy and probably powerful machine guns / weapons in the world, I looked out the window and noticed a policeman walking across the street. This is NZ and definitely we don't have those similar weapons that Mexicans have in the country. NZ police carry a laser trigger in their pockets anywhere in the public, but if there's a very serious incident they'd call for SWAT and they'd come out with the guns, etc.. I know Mexicans have powerful arsenals / weapons than we have in the country.

  4. You probably know about this, I was reading an article last year; it was about a young Mexican woman arrested by authorities guarding anti-aircraft gun and heaps of ammunition. I'm gonna to email it to BB and ask them if they can post it here. Up to them.

  5. "You probably know about this, I was reading an article last year; it was about a young Mexican woman arrested by authorities guarding anti-aircraft gun and heaps of ammunition. I'm gonna to email it to BB and ask them if they can post it here. Up to them."

    If it's out there, it's probably already in BB. Too late, BB already posted it a while back:

  6. Opps sorry. Thanks.

  7. Wondering, where all the seized ammunitions, arsenals, machine guns, weapons, etc go after the authorities found them? Give them away to the agents and soldiers to use for the next drug war? Put them in the museum? They probably burn all the seized drugs, but they do the same thing to the weapons?

  8. que ojos tan bonitas

  9. That last pic is HOT!!!!!!!


  11. There's a reason more and more women are stepping into the role of law enforcement in Mexico. A 20 year old girl recently became the police cheif in a town down there..........the men are stay away becuase the cartels are killing them off faster than they can fill the position.

  12. One note, I've seen alot of 37mm Cobray Flare Launchers mounted on the bottoms of AR15s. These have the appearance of M203 40mm Grenade Launchers, but are NOT the same thing, as they cannot fire standard grenades. Perhaps the cartels create special 37mm grenades, perhaps they legitimately use flares for night time operations, but most likely, they're just for

    - B


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