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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Political Party Leader of PAN is Executed with 40 Bullet Holes

The leader of the PAN, Pedro Brito Ocampo, of the municipality of Heliodoro Castillo, Guerrero, was found dead with 40 gunshot wounds in an abandoned house located outside of this mountain community.

Carlos Millan, a former leader of the PAN in the state, said that prior to finding his body, a commando had abducted Brito Ocampo violently from his house and was forced inside a luxury SUV.

The Pan leader called the authorities of the Ministry of Public Security and Civil Protection (SSPPC) state irresponsible, who had initially informed that the death of Brito Ocampo was due to a traffic accident, when in fact he was killed with a firearm.

Last Friday morning, Brito Ocampo, who in October 2008 was the PAN candidate for mayor of Heliodoro Castillo, had been at home when several armed men arrived aboard three vans and made force entry to his home

In the presence of his children, the group took him out by force and put him in one of the vans.

"We were informed Saturday night that the leader of our party in that municipality had been found lying on the ground of an abandoned house with 40 bullet wounds," said Miller in an interview by telephone.

On the day he was abducted the municipal police did not even set foot at the house to conduct an investigation and a group of the Preventive State arrived hours later.

But more seriously, Millán said, is that on Saturday an expert from the Medical Examiner (Semefo) issued an opinion in which he certified that the PAN leader died from a traffic accident.

"We know that our companion, who is over 50 years old, was a quiet person and a merchant in Tlacotepec," he said.

He recalled that the during the administration of the 2005-2008, Brito Ocampo was director of the Municipal Police and resigned to run as a candidate for mayor.

Millan asked the Government of Zeferino Torreblanca total clarification of the assassination of leader in the municipality.


  1. The police and coroner are exhibiting incompetence at the very least and may possibly have been corrupted by the narcos to handle this so badly. The central government should immediately step in and take over and investigate the police and coroner as well. If the threat of action against them is always present, these people will either get better or get out

    In this current climate of violence, all people are part of the solution or part of the problem.


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