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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Members of Mexico City's "Grupo Especial Reaccion Inmediata" (GERI), a police special immediate reaction group. This elite police group are at the service of the residents in Mexico City and are said to be equipped with latest technology and trained by some of the best instructors in the nation.

Members of the police GERI tactical unit train in Mexico City, on June 7, 2010. The government of Mexico City implemented GERI's personnel specific training on rescue of abducted people, as part of toughening of the fight against such crime in the city.

Members of the police GERI tactical unit patrol along a street in Mexico City, on June 9, 2010. Mexican marines helped by US intelligence sources seized more then 20 kg of explosives suitable for demolition and arrested four suspected members of the organized crime in Mexico City, the Mexican Navy reported.

Members of the police GERI tactical unit introduce a bag with explosives into a special container in Mexico City, on June 9, 2010.

Members of Mexico City's "Grupo Especial Reaccion Inmediata" (GERI), a police special immediate reaction group, carry the coffin of one of the two police officers during their funeral in Mexico City July 4, 2009. Two members of GERI were killed during a failed attempt to rescue kidnap victim Yolanda Ceballos Coppel, who was killed by the kidnapper.

A female member of the police GERI tactical unit walks carrying several assault rifles in Mexico City, on June 9, 2010.


  1. Great...more zetas in the making...

    1. U are so moron, u don't know what are u talking about the GERI.
      Shame on you!

  2. Yeah no doubt, I wonder how long it will be before we start reading headlines about the bloody war between the GERI Cartel and the Zetas or Sinaloa.

  3. Who are the guys who turn their heads when photos/TV are taken? You can't get close to them.
    Some say they are "consultants" on a contract to
    train troops. If so, why do they go on raids? It
    makes one wonder.

    " more Zetas in the making" is spot on.

  4. acrually GERI´s aren´t a new group, the first time i have heard of them where in gomez palacio, durango, they where some special agents of carlos herrera the owner of chilchota milk products and also known locally like a drug lord.

    after that in the coal region from coahuila existed a group of cops called the GEOS, but with the time they change his name to GERI¨s all of them where a undercover group of Zeta´s

  5. Hmmm... Makes you wonder how any of this will ever be resolved. Did Columbia have the problem of infiltration of narco elements in their military or police to the level that Mexico does? Because without the ability to create a specialized task force that can take down these powerful drug lords I don't see Calderon or any future administration being able to take control of the situation.

    As has been suggested in previous comments on others article on BB, maybe the Mex Gov should simply hire Blackwater or some other mercenaries that you KNOW will stay on your side if you pay them. Perhaps this was already attempted with the MataZetas but then again I haven't heard anything about them recently and I've often wondered if they aren't just another cartel trying to make a run at Public Relations.

  6. I have been to Mexico once and I think it was a beautiful country. I didn't realise there was so many unfortunate drug incidents in the country, but I'd like to come back for another visit. Why do the Mexican drug cartels keep doing bad things? How can the President stop the death and violence? I think he did a very good job by deploying federal authorities and they successfully have captured a numerous of suspects and illegal objects, but the drug cartels have very powerful people, drugs, money and weapons.

  7. Mexico is on the verge of a civil war, or maybe the civil war has already begun. US Military advisors meet annually with Mexican military officers to discuss tactics and operations that will help dismantle drug cartels. Is this enough? I wonder how long it will take before the US acknowledges that this growing problem is not superficial. Its a serious problem, like an uncontrollable disease spreading from limb to limb. This disease has now infected our southern border states. It's in our back yard. I'm not saying US Military presence in Mexico is the answer, but there must be another way to help Mexico, or what is left of Mexico.

  8. I wouldn't be supprised if this task force is tainted by organized crim after all organized cartels were founded by mexicos political party's you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee everything on earth happens for a reason history has shown this.This could be a dirty tactic by the government to fuel a crap drug war throwing logs in the fire if you will.But don't be fast to assume these can be good hard working police officers.


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