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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

El Beto Boss of la Plaza in Nezahualcóyotl is Captured

Federal Police reported that Alberto Ramírez Miranda, alias “El Beto,” was arrested. He is identified as the boss of la plaza of Nezahualcoyotl where he belongs to the criminal organization La Familia Michoacana.

At a press conference police announced that "El Beto" was captured in the company of seven other people outside the hospital that is located in Bosques de Aragón.

Elements of the federal police mounted an operation in this hospital, where they were received with gunfire from the sicarios who were watching the place in an SUV.

After a confrontation the federal police managed to capture Alberto Ramírez Miranda, alias “El Beto,” 35-years old and a native of Mexico City and identified as the boss of the plaza. Also captured was José Luis Anaya Soria, alias “El Pepe,” 26 years of age, and also from Mexico City, he is an alleged hijacker.

Others captured included: Romel Ávila Rojas, 34, from Nezahualcoyotl, Jonatan García Gutiérrez, 19, from Mexico City, Oscar Almeida 41, from Mexico City, Jessica García Jaime age 21 and also a minor whose identity was not disclosed.

This cell was operating in the State of Mexico and is implicated in the kidnapping of two women and three men in February of this year.

Police also seized an SUV, five long rifles, three handguns and 14 cell phones.

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