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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Assault Weapons Seized in Del Rio, Texas

By Karen Gleason
Del Rio News-Herald

Published June 22, 2010

Del Rio police have seized a load of assault rifles, handguns and ammunition they said may have been headed to Mexico.

A Ciudad Acuña, Coah., Mexico man was arrested when the weapons and ammunition were discovered in his car following a traffic stop, Del Rio Police Department Chief Arnaldo Ramos said Monday.

Ramos said Carlos Enrique Aguilera Valdez, 22, was arrested about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, June 17, after two DRPD detectives stopped his vehicle for a traffic violation at Avenue T and West Second Street.

DRPD detectives Ray Hernandez and Eddie Cortez were following up on a burglary investigation when they saw a Chrysler Sebring with Mexico license plates failed to stop a stop sign at the intersection of Avenue T and West Second Street at 10:15 p.m. June 17, Ramos said.

Ramos said the vehicle stopped near the intersection of Spur 239 and Avenue T. The chief said the two detectives approached the vehicle and began talking to the driver, identified as Aguilera Valdez.

Ramos said Hernandez and Cortez reported the driver “appeared extremely nervous.” He said as the two detectives continued to talk to Aguilera Valdez, they saw a box of bullets spilled in the back seat of the car.

“Further investigation by the two detectives led to the discovery of 11 assault rifles, four handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition inside the car,” Ramos said Monday.

Ramos said the guns recovered by the detectives included three M16s, four AK-47s and four M4s. He said the handguns were of various calibers.

Ramos said the detectives also found 61 loaded assault rifle magazines and 123 boxes of ammunition for the assault rifles, as well as magazine pouches, holsters and “other tactical gear.”

Ramos said DRPD detectives and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are working together to further investigate the incident. He noted that prosecution of Aguilera Valdez has been turned over to the federal government.

Ramos said Aguilera Valdez has been charged with the offense of possession of a firearm by a non-resident alien, a felony under federal law.

Aguilera Valdez was scheduled to make his initial appearance before a federal magistrate today.

Asked if he believed the weapons found in Aguilera Valdez’s vehicle were going to Mexico, Ramos said, “We believe that they were.”

Ramos added the investigation into the weapons seizure is ongoing.


  1. i live in del rio message to all u zetitas.... u are not welcome this is "Chapo" territory we will not take your shit and are very prepared!!! Just like we removed you from the VIP section last weeknd next time it we wont be so nice. Stay in Mex jotos

  2. twist this culeros cajones.untill he tells on his buddys , then drown him in the river.

  3. lol this had to be a setup (bullets spilled across the back seat, lol come one)!! An 18 wheeler loaded with weapons probably passed as they had this guy pulled over!! roflmao.

  4. a la otra se quedan del otro lado zetitas este teritorio pertenece al senor,al que encontremos de este lado le vamos a sacar la corbata,y retumbarle la computadora para los que saben de lo que hablo: ATT CDS

  5. ese territorio no le pertenece a ninguno de ustedes ojetes! Ese territorio es del pueblo Americano, y suerte que si se quieren pasar de listos!!! Aqui no es Mexico, aqui se los carga la chingada!

  6. They where probly Alfredo Andrades s guns he is very secaed of the Chapo s comiming for him....

  7. 3 m16 riflfes. not likely putos. Probably AR-15. Big difference. Assault weapons, Sounds like some freelancers trying to export sporting weapons to Mexico. The cartels have big bucks and transport tons of coke from Colombia were they can also get things like grenades and full auto weapons from the worldwide arms market. News like this is used as propaganda to disarm legal owners of guns in the US. Like FeCal the shit head when he had the nerve to come to the US and tell us we should ban "assault weapons" Bullshit, when the pinche Zetas come across the border they are in for a surprise when they think they can do a bloodbath in Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico. Some gringos are packin heat, law abiding citizens that won't let the narcos run wild like they do in Mexico

  8. This is not chapo territory, The Z cross at will. A few years ago the Z murdered a prominent Acuna official in his driveway - in Del Rio, Texas.

    Please grow up and help your community. Become better educated and informed. There is so much more to life than gangs and posting nonsensical comments on blog sites.

    The ATF and detectives who recovered the weapons, inventoried and tagged the weapons in the evidence control room know what type of weapons were seized.

    The inspectors at the bridge were not distracted by this arrest at Avenue T - and it it unlikely this was a 'set up' to help an 18-wheeler loaded with guns to cross the border.

    When you refer to law abiding citizens 'packin heat' I am guessing you have a gun permit and have never been arrested. In fact, I am sure you are a community volunteer and do much to help Mexican-Americans and the people living in Acuna. (Note: This is sarcasm. I doubt that you do anything constructive and simply run your mouth. If I am wrong, please let me know what civic groups and church groups and outreach programs where you help so I can apologize).

  9. Anonymous COWARDS! Remember, the gangs kill anyone, fans, sicophants,enemies and those who act like they know shit they don't. So keep your mouth's shut!

  10. How safe is it to go to Del Rio for Dental work?


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