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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

28 Dead in Mazatlan Penitentiary

A bath of blood in the Penal de Mazatlan; 28 confirmed killed and 3 injured.
A total of 28 inmates dead is the toll inside the prison of Mazatlan, including 20 alleged members of the criminal organization of the group of Los Zetas. Three inmates were injured along with two police officers and a guard who were also injured in a violent day that included fighting and direct attacks between members of rival cartels in this prison.

In the first incident a large group of prisoners shot and killed 17 inmates and another was seriously injured. The sicarios from the Juarez cartel attacked first and wounded two guards. This cleared their path for others to make force entry in to module 21 and once inside, they shot the inmates.

The dead convicts were being held inside module 21 when the murderous prisoners forced the cells doors open with sledgehammers and gunfire at short range, the convicts inside were then forced to kneel down and were executed at point blank to the head. All 17 of the victims were literally riddled with bullets inside the module 21 where most of the convicts are considered high risk and dangerous.

During the shooting, administrators of the prison took shelter in a special protective area, while operational staff tried to restore order. It was 15 minutes of terror during the time the attackers took control of the situation.

Apparently this group of slain convicts were linked to the criminal organization Los Zetas.

The aggressor killer group, whose numbers have not been released, allegedly belong to the Sinaloa cartel led by Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo, and Ismael Zambada García, El mayo.

Josefina Ruiz García, Secretary of State for Public Security, said the killer convicts entered the area where the alleged Zetas were confined, who are serving time for murder and illegal possession of firearms in 2008, she also indicated that killer convicts destroyed the surveillance cameras and took officers and a jailer hostage.

Found at the scene were found a sledgehammer, four semi-auto handguns, a .38 special revolver, a 9mm pistol, 45 caliber handgun and one AK-47 assault rifle or "cuerno de chivo."

Of all the dead inmates dead, 17 were found dead in this module and another three died in the module 5 that according to the SSP participated in the first attack. The two uniformed prison guards and the jailer received several gundhot wounds and were admitted to the General Hospital of Mazatlan in critical condition.

Eight other defendants were found slain in modules 11 and 9 from in brawls and clashes apparently also related to the first attack.

The massacre this Monday is an example of the boldness kept by the Juarez cartel that is commanded by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, and the Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquin Guzman Loera and Ismael El Mayo Zambada for control of sale of narcotics inside the prisons.

Past incidents.

The most recent incident prior to Monday inside the state pennitentiary occurred on June 8 when six suspected sicarios beheaded six prisoners in the prison of Culiacan.

Last April 24, Juan Maximino Montiel Agüero, César Gustavo Arellano Quintero, Juan Arellano Chiquete and Jesús Alejandro Raigoza, sicarios arrested by the PGR and belonging to the group of EL Chaguín, chief operator of the Beltran Leyva brothers, they were arrested with large arsenal of weapons in Escuinapa, and were sent to the prison of Mazatlan, but half an hour after their arrival they were executed.

Another of the most notorious cases, was a conflict arising from control in the domain of prison space in the pennitentiary of this state, dating back to July 16, 2008, when four prisoners were killed and two others wounded in a shootout between sicarios of the Juarez and Sinaloa cartel in the prison of Mazatlan.

Then on April 27 in the same pennitentiary they killed Aguaruto Victoriano Araujo Payán, brother of Gonzalo Chalo Araujo, a sub-lieutenant of Joaquin "El Chapo Guzman.

List of the prisoners slain

Module 21
Inri arturo Vazquez Ulloa.
Lizandro Peña Rodriguez.
Jose Recobos Sanchez.
Jesus Alberto Adame Sandoval (a) "La borrega".
Jesus Antonio Reyes Camberos (A) "El chaparro".
Rolando Mirabete (A) "El negro".
Felipe Lizarraga Hernandez.
Santiago garcia Rivera.
Antonio Rafael Ibarra Peraza.
Alejandro Acuña Miliano.
Jose Sebastian Cazarez Lizarraga.
Ignacio Cruz Acuña.
Alfredo Felix Diaz.
Alfonso Lucas García.
Jose Ambrocio Navarro García.
Jesus Osuna Beltran.
Pedro Zambrano Ojeda.

Module 5
Rodolfo Patron Espinoza.

Lizarraga Ochoa Francisco Felix.
Sajid Ernesto Sanchez Hernandez.

Module 11 (killed with knife)
Ricardo Lizarraga Patron.
Dario Mendoza Ortega.
Javier Nevarez Lizarraga.
Refugio Salinas Lara.
Mario Marquez Olvera

Módule 9
Diego Emir Sarabia Tiznado

Jesús Manuel Heredia Castro
Pablo Alfredo Soto Castro


  1. So this was all about the battle for control of the "sales of drugs inside prison".

  2. What else would get people so fired up other than money. Mexico is becoming a consumer as well as an exporter.

  3. Oh I Get it now the prisoners that killed all these people and shot the guards will be put in jail longer ??? No whores on Saturday night, maby no Tequila or only poor quality Marijuana. I am beguining to think that Mexican institutions have no substance whatsoever--

  4. Of course this more about just a battle for control of drug sales inside prison. This is a relection of how this drug war continues to change Mexico ....violence (drug violence) and death are now just a way of doing business outside and inside prison.

  5. These were Zetas killed at that prison. The Sinaloa Cartel is trying to clean Sinaloa of Zetas.

    It has nothing to do with drugs being sold inside prison.

  6. How in the hell did all those guns get into the prison ?
    I mean maybe someone with a really huge butt could smuggle in a .38, but an AK ?
    Was it disguised as a fake leg, or what ?


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