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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Version: Kidnap Jefe Diego to Negotiate the Release of Nacho Coronel

Legislative sources are reporting that Diego Fernandez de Cevallos was abducted in order to negotiate with the federal government an exchange for the release of Nacho Coronel, one of the main lieutenants of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, head of the Sinaloa cartel, considered the most powerful criminal organization in Mexico.

It is rumored and has not been denied by federal authorities that Colonel "Nachito" was arrested by military elements in the state of Jalisco. If his arrest is true, then this would be the biggest blow the Sinaloa cartel of "El Chapo" has received in recent years.

The Jalisco government secretary, Fernando Guzman, confirmed that the Mexican marines carried out an operation that resulted in arrests, the first made by the armed force in that city, but declined to confirm that one of the detainees is Colonel, who besides being a lieutenant of the Sinaloa cartel is also a brother-in-law of "El Chapo."

Yesterday narco-banners were placed around Mexico with threats against the President of Mexico and the Secretary of the Interior that also made reference to the abduction of Fernandez de Cevallos.

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  1. Calderon has put a "clamp down" on news on this while he is in the US. There is a big debate as to whether to accept defeat, get a political hack back
    and allow "Coronel" to "escape" or be traded. It is going to cause a howl in Washington either way.

  2. El Chapito y su gente son los unicos k no se meten con la gente pobre y trabajadora ni eloteros y pulgeros, tenenmos k APOYARLOS en su guerra contra esos pinches zetas, k no quede vivo ni uno, ni los dejen k se cambien de banda, arriva el Chapo y mexico

  3. If this story is true then the other story you publish about the Mexican government favoring the Sinaloa cartel is false. That's the problem with rampant speculation: you don't know what or who to believe so the doubt remains.

  4. You have to see the big picture. Although it is Mexico, it is still not complete dictatorship. Calderon still has other people he must please in order to reign. Everything that is happening is to pressure the government towards going left or right. Of course calderon can pressure to go right, but if everyone is pushing the other way, he can't act by himself.

  5. Pura Antrax Con El Jefe Zambada, El Coronel , El Chapito Pura Gente de arranque Y Arriba jalisco desde la ciudad de bell

  6. Quote from ATF's fact sheet (2008)

    "In the past two years, ATF has seized thousands of firearms headed to Mexico. Trends indicate the firearms illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are becoming more powerful. ATF has analyzed firearms seizures in Mexico from FY 2005-07 and identified the following weapons most commonly used by drug traffickers:

    9mm pistols;
    .38 Super pistols;
    5.7mm pistols;
    .45-caliber pistols;
    AR-15-type rifles; and
    AK-47-type rifles."



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