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Saturday, May 29, 2010

They Fired at Narcos and Injured a Girl

We got  more information on the shooting from a helicopter that injured a student while at school.

Federal forces patrolling the city aboard a helicopter allegedly injured a middle school student with a stray bullet at a school when they opened fire on a suspicious convoy of trucks that were travelling on Acapulco Boulevard, near the school.

The female juvenile that was injured was identified as Oyervides Daniela, who is in her first year at the middle School Number 4 "Marte R. Gómez."

Witnesses said that on last Wednesday afternoon, the crew of a green and black helicopter, similar to those used by the Mexican army and Navy fired at least five times on the edge of the schoolyard, just when recess had ended.

In the streets around the school witnesses reported seen suspicious trucks travelling at that moment of the gunfire and they appeared to be the target of the aircraft.

One of the stray bullets hit the leg of the student, who was rendered aid by other students and teachers until the Red Cross and a municipal preventive police arrived at the scene.

The Red Cross reported that the injury form the bullet or shrapnel was not life threatening as it did not damage any vital parts, only the posterior thigh of the leg.

Medical personnel pointed out that it is likely that the injury was the result of a fragment from the bullet, because if it had been a bullet it would had caused more damage to the leg. The exact spot where the girl fell had chipped a piece of concrete from the wall where the bullet impacted. The student was certainly very lucky to be alive.

As of last night, none of the agencies that fly these helicopters had taken responsibility for the incident.


  1. just like the mexican military and mexican government..."let's pretend we didnt' harm anyone and no one will even notice"

  2. What city is this in? Thanks.

  3. this was in reynosa, tamaulipas.

    and yeah, this is the military for you...


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