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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The President on Organize Crime, Military and Cinco de Mayo

Puebla, Puebla - President Felipe Calderon said the bravery and sacrifice of the Mexican armed forces in the war on drugs make liars of those who doubt, question, or criticize their mission, and called for the people to fervently embrace the causes of the country regardless of risks or costs.

During the ceremony of the 148 anniversary of the Battle of Puebla celebrated on May 5th, the president hailed the Senate approval of the National Security Act which gives a new framework for the intervention of the army in fighting crime, he hoped that the House of Representatives will conduct an analysis and adopt this initiative.

"This fight is for freedom and justice in Mexico and that is why we should support it, that is why we should not only continue ahead, but we must move ahead with a full intent to achieve a victory, a victory with the support of the people and the strength of the state, to the institutions we must attain, and this task of defending the legality, the strength of the country, to protect Mexican families, and the armed forces must play a leading role."

Calderón was emphatic in defending the military, especially when it came to the tasks of combating crime. "Despite the merits they earn every day, their heroic efforts and even the martyrdom of many of its members, there are those who defame the contributions, achievements and sacrifices of the armed forces, because they cast doubt on their tremendous contribution in the strength they provide to the republic of Mexico," the President said.

"The bravery, discipline and institutional duties they carry out every day, refutes the claims from those who doubt, question or critique them," Calderon added.

"The great service that the military provides not only to those who serve in law enforcement, but to the citizens who seek precisely the same support against those who threaten their daily life," he went on to say.

The president insisted that it's all about the support "that is necessary as the civil authorities can be reorganized, purged or strengthened so that they, without having a need to ultimately depend on the support of the military, but it is precisely because of their account that they are needed to dominate the criminal elements. "

As part of the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla, the president called to honor the memory of those heroes who defeated the French in 1862.

"Let us honor their memory, fervently embracing the cause of the motherland, no matter the risks or costs." Calderon said transnational organized crime threatens the socially and economically foundations of the Mexican communities be it large or small and it is therefore essential to strengthen the institutions, so that there may be no other law or force but that of the state and the democracy that was elected.

He reiterated that it is not just a matter of combating drug traffickers, but all of organized crime in order to provide comfort to families and strengthen a country of laws, freedoms and democracy.

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