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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photos of 4 Men Executed for Alleged Massacre in Bar Juanas in Torreón

A Mexican narco-blog posted pictures of four men that were supposedly executed by Los Zetas. Four men were decapitated and were found on a pickup truck. The victims are supposedly the ones responsible for the massacre at the Bar Juanas in Torreon where 8 people died and 19 others injured 10 of them seriously.

At the scene was a narco-message written on the vehicle that stated the following: "The last letter captures and executes the murderers of bars," it was signed with the letter "Z" which signifies Los Zetas.

We must warned you that the next pictures are graphic, please do not continue if offended.


  1. This poor muchachitos had nothing to do with it! They were good kids with a bright future going to Universidad they had the misfortune of being at a party in torreon and getting stopped on the way home. Dios ayude al pueblo de Mexico

  2. The translation makes no sense as it's written: "Final letter captured and executed are the murderers of bars" should say something like "The last letter captures and executes those who kill in bars". Last letter as in the alphabet ie: "Z".

    I feel terrible that these kids wound up paying with their lives. I wonder how thorough these criminals are in investigating the culprits. What a shame. What a loss. God Bless their families.

  3. How is it that the Mexican Intelligence knows nothing and these gangs know who,what,where,when?

  4. this is what we need in America...NOT

  5. shit its just getting out of hand ..raza killing raza
    wata disgrace

  6. pinches putos zetas semira que no valen verga puto piensen en sus famillias putos an no chingen a las famillias que travajan perros mugrosos

  7. You Americans junkies made them rich, made them powerful, don't come now with the "What a shame, God bless their families! FUCK ALL OF YOU BIGGEST SOB!!!!!!!!!!


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