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Monday, May 17, 2010

On the Borderland Beat in Tamaulipas

Source: El Bravo

In four separate incidents four unidentified men were found executed in different parts of Matamoros, prompting the mobilization of police authorities and rescue medical units.

The men were executed and dumped on the street, where they were found handcuffed with visible signs of violence.

The first report came at 1:30AM on Sunday about two men that had been shot in the streets 14 and Diagonal Cuauhtemoc, in the center of the city. Both men appeared to have been shot numerous times. Both men had no identification and their identities could not be determined but were said to be two men between the ages of 30 and 35 years of age.

At the scene authorities located at least seven spent casing of various calibers. There was no information on who might be responsible for the executions.

One of the bodies belongs to a man about 35 years old, fair-skinned, with goatee, who was wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans.

The other body was a dark skin, brown hair, dressed in black, blue jeans and a plaid shirt with blue, gray and black stripes.

Both bodies were barefoot and were not carrying identification.

Two hours later medical rescue unit were again dispatched to attend to two bodies that were reported on the streets of Sixth and Michoacan. It was initially reported that both men had been hit by a vehicle, but upon closer examination it was evident that the two men had been killed by gunfire. Both men were handcuffed and dumped on the street.

One of the bodies was wearing blue jeans, white shirt and black tennis shoes with yellow stripes and on the left shoulder he had a tattoo of two angels.

The other man was wearing khaki shorts, an orange shirt and was wearing only one sandal. He had severe trauma from gunshots to his head, to his left arm near the shoulder and a wound above the wrist.

The bodies of the four men executed remained unidentified at the office of the Forensic Medical Service, while agents of the State Ministerial Police took charge of investigations.


  1. Rumors says that the 4 killed in Matamoros are CDG members, killed by the same group 'because they didnt follow orders from "los jefes". Do you have any info about it?

  2. Hello I am a native of matamoros and I heard one of the persons murdered was "tormenta", one of the most powerful drug dealers in matamoros. I do not know if thisis true or why but most people agree that he was one of the ones killed. Tormenta is ( or was) in control of the "calle playa sol" which runs from the bridge into brownsville all the way to the playa bagdad beach. This is a very important area bc from what I understand it's very easy to smuggle drugs into brownsvilles southmost neighborhoods via this area.

  3. This was posted by Anonymous in another post:

    "confirmada la muerte de beto fabe, tambien la del choco por ordenes de tormenta
    y el nuevo jefe es el junior, ex jefe de la plaza de san fernando."

  4. Fue Beto fabe el choco y dos familiares del kari

  5. desde ayer les dije que fue beto el choco y dos familiares del kari

  6. falto la foto del jefe diego, ahi andaba tambien

  7. Si, falta que aparezca Diego Fernàndez, al jefe Diego no le ayudò el amparo para no pisar los pisos del mismìsimo infierno (es panista el wey, esos batos son catòlicos y le temen muchìsimo al infierno....pero No al dinero!)

  8. Ahora tenemos policia y mañosos patrullando en todo matamoros,asi es en las patrullas del municipio.Gracias a el jefe de la policia municipal que es un perro de T.T.

  9. Estoy en busca de mi hermanao, recien recibimos carta que se encuentra en Matamoros, donde fue amarrado, cortado y golpeado, y lo quicieron quemar vivo! les pido me ayuden, me encuentro casi muerta en vida, mi hermano se llama Jefferson Watler, somos de origen Nicaraguense, el sufre de problemas mentales y el probrecito anda rodando, les pido su ayuda, cualquier informacion que alguien tenga, Dios le Bendecira si por lo menos me diga alguien que lo han visto. mi correo electronico es:, yo resido en Florida, USA. Le pido a quien lea este mensaje me ayude.


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