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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Los Zetas, the Ninth Cartel

In only 13 years Los Zetas, a group that was formed by former military soldiers and army deserters, went from being an appendage of the Gulf cartel to becoming an autonomous organization.

Since last January the DEA considers Los Zetas to be the ninth cartel in Mexico. Now, the organization headed by "Hidalguense" Heriberto Lazcano is the best armed and has influence in over 20 states across the country.
Mexico - At year end in 1997, the armed group Los Zetas burst into the public arena as a protective shield of the Gulf cartel and its leader, Osiel Cardenas Guillen.

Thirteen years later, with reinforcements and diversification of their criminal activities, the group named the "armed forces of the narco" is a cartel that is actively in a struggle for control of a dozen Mexican states.

The majority of the members of this organization came from the Mexican Army, in particular the Special Forces Airmobile Group (GAFES).

In 1997, many of them had joined the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) as reinforcements in the fight undertaken by the federal government against drug trafficking. But soon they became engaged in the drug trafficking business.

By 2003, the year that Osiel Cardenas was captured, Los Zetas changed their pattern of operation, after an acute domestic crisis for control of the Gulf Cartel.

Overtaken by grudges, betrayals and disorder in the operations, Eduardo Costilla, "El Coss," became the new leader, while the armed group started to form their own criminal structure.

Over the next two years, "El Coss" had at least two meetings with Ignacio Nacho Coronel and Ismael El Mayo Zambada, the representatives of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

The purpose: to seal an alliance in order to control drug trafficking and to form a criminal mega-consortium to end the killings for at least the two regions controlled by both criminal groups, this according to preliminary investigations and PGR PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/147/2007/SIEDO/UEIDCS/082/2009.

And even if that Zeta's ambition was never fully agreed by the Gulf cartel, the second most powerful organization after that of the Sinaloa cartel, in January the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed that Los Zetas had become a new cartel, well structured and with large presence in domain in both the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

Intelligence reports from the DEA indicate that the breakup of the Zetas was due to their differences with the cell of the Gulf Cartel for being too friendly with their rival group Sinaloa cartel, as well as the partnerships with La Familia of Michoacán and the heads Milenio cartel, the brothers Valencia Cornelio, whose seat is the state of Michoacán.

Glaspy Hill, head of the DEA in McAllen, Texas, addressed the alliance of the capos from the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels in these terms: "It is well documented that the Gulf cartel has formed alliances with the Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia Michoacana for waging war against Los Zetas."

Los Zetas broke off from the Gulf cartel on January 8, 2010, confirming the thesis of the DEA: the links between both criminal organizations were supported in weak agreements, said Glaspy.


  1. It is a sad time for our country !MEXICO! and our world This is a true fact! As the world does not understand how irrational we have become as a unit. our greed is bound to kill us all!
    Mexico was a place of corruption it always has been! But the people had a choice to live freely with dignity and now with things like this and groups such as this only we have a choice to change it all but the key word is greed. It blinds us all and we feel like our voices are lost onto oblivion!

  2. Its amazing how young adults in the world are being more for the devil then for God. When will it be at peace with no fights or drugs.

  3. I'm sorry but as a peroson whose family has been directly affected by these actions, you have no idea what it is about! It's not about God or the Devil, it's about power, it's about having more, than the other, it's about control. My father got taken by Los Zetas, and I can assure you 100% that my father has nothing to do with drug traffiking or anything, we simply opened a business down in Mexico. I used to be proud to be Mexican, because of the years of wonderful culture and customs, but now I am ashamed, and it's people like the one's in Mexico that give all of us trying to find a better life for ourselves a bad name. It has to do everything with greed. A lot of them were tricked into believing that money is power, and these corrupt people now have influences in the Mexican Government, and that's they can't be stopped. And it is not amazing, its horrible to see young adults, and anybody for that matter acting like barbaric savages, who have no clue what to follow!

  4. these scumbags will not stop, ever, and the military could wipe them out like the cockroaches they are, but they chose to go chasing down Saddam Hussein for Osama's wrong doings. FIght the mexican cartels with tanks and their silly suv's wont be so tough, now will they!

  5. los zetas have enough money for anything lots of people dont know but they are the second government of mexico they control retenes everything tyhe wars are small because they have great arsenals and battle tactics they run mexico viva los zeta viva el zeta 3

  6. It was all about business and plus what did the mexican military think that the GAFES wouldn't trade in, come on. I'm a mexican and proud to say we need some kind of control. The government was corrupt before Los Zeta came in. This is just the sad truth, Mexico was an united country, but now the greed of few affect the country. I'm sad that it has gotten worst. But what do you espect when the president is also involved with the cartels. Mexico needs a new Leader one that ain't afraid and willing to do what Los Zetas are doing. Kill your enemy, it is a war of control. This why I think Los Zetas became, The GAFES saw they were losing against the cartels so they became a cartel. I was joining the mexican millitary when I was living in mexico, but then I came to the U.S.A. to ecape this and know it has spilled over. I go and come to mexico as I can to see how my family is doing. The honor that mexican had is no longer there and now we kill each other for the price of an u.s. dollar. I lost a loved one due to this war but I understand why people hate this war. But every blames Los Zetas for everything when they should see there a lot cartels involved. The iniscet people that die just happen to be at the wrong place and at wrong time. The rest are people that screw eachother for money.

  7. if only the mexican army would grow the balls to ask for back upfrom the USA trust me once they see the US COME THERE GONNA HAVE 2 OPTIONS run and jump into the gulf or die for now they got the whole country to themselves. but like they say all goodtimes come to an end.. And for all those ppl working hard normal jobs in mexico vivia mexico cabrones no les temen an nadien.. is see alot of mexicans running over here especialy the rich bastards lol for real no balls the Cristianos have to fight back la santa muerte como se dice se va ogar en agua bendita.

  8. Los zetas seguiran governando mexico son un cartel muy poderoso solo por debajo del de sinaloa pero muy pronto seran los unicos ban a acabar con el chapo guzman y ba a rreynar laultima letra l


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