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Friday, May 14, 2010

Grupo de Limpieza

There is supposedly an implication of Genaro Garcia (Secretary of Public Security in the cabinet of Mexican President Felipe Calderon) Luna and Baldemar Alvarado Benitez "El Rufo" a lieutenant of "Los Zetas."

This information was posted by a Mexican narco-blog, where a group calling itself "Grupo de Limpieza" is proclaiming an action to combat corrupt authorities as well as drug traffickers.

The statement says:
"Mexican comrades I give you all thanks for your attention you provide me. My group is in progress continuing on its feet in battle. I will not rest until I finish all the corrupt authorities and drug traffickers.

Here I leave you another example that the Mexican authorities are working with drug traffickers. I am in charge of three states in the republic of Mexico, but I am principally responsible for Morelos and Guerrero. I am originally from Tierra Caliente, Guerrero. We are going to clean the country so our children can play freely in the streets without being exposed to crime and illicit drugs.

I have received orders from my commanding superior officers that we must continue to clean our states. I am requestingfor the general public ro remain patient, do not be afraid, our method of work is discreet; we do not cause panic on the streets or parks.

Our group functions in an intelligent manner, and we find to capture drug traffickers and corrupt authorities. You all have seen our result. This is how we are going to clean the Mexico we love so much.

The second regional commander of Grupo de Limpieza.
Coordinator in tactics in the states of Morelos and Guerrero.
Commander Carlos Simon.
Alias 'El Paisano.' "
Graphic content, discretion is advised:

The following interview was recorded in 2009 supposedly by "El Paisano" from a worker for Baldemar Alvarado "El Rufo" and implicates Genaro Garcia Luna with "Los Zetas" and Beltran Leyva.

Below is a picture where the criminal group "La Resistencia" sends a threat to Baldemar Alvarado Benitez "El Rufo" leaving four heads in Apatzingan, Michoacan on March 31.

The "narco-message" says:
"Rufo, we know you are with your family in Riu Palace in Cancún, I am sending you your garbage Rufo and Manuel Estrella. And you can watch them soon in the internet.

Atte: Heroes anonymous of La Resistencia."

To this day the alleged video where they beheaded these people has not been seen as it was noted in the "narco-message." This is the video that was circulated a few weeks ago. This man talks about working for "El Rufo," "Zeta-40" and Los Zetas. He goes on to says that his job was to look for members of "la famila" with the help of the PFP (Policia Federal Preventiva) or the federal police . 


  1. this article doesn't state it (or may be i missed it), but i'm assuming these men were captured (not just "interviewed") by the grupo de limpieza because the middle man is giving out a lot of information...INCLUDING HIS FULL NAME, and all three's faces are very well visible...if they were afraid of being caught but were still willing to give out info, they're faces and/or voices would have been disguised.

    I wonder if these mens' bodies were ever found, or if they're still alive...

  2. Interesting. The questions are better organized than other videos. Don't get excited people, this might aswell just be another marketing scheme for an anti-zeta cartel. Called "Branding". That's why they name themselves the anonymous heroes. They're trying to create a good image behind their work.

  3. Who is financing this new group?

    As for the allegation that Genaro Garcia Luna was implicated at one point with the drug traffickers there have been several allegations to that. Including some his former bodyguards made, surprise surprise one of them turned up dead a few days later. Not sure what happened to the other one.

    It's very interesting that groups are vying for support from the public at large. I think we may be seeing the beginnings of an insurgency against the government of Mexico. The government grows weak everyday this war plays out. It won't be long before groups not directly tied to drug cartels start challenging the government forces at large. Especially with some much guns floating around, for the first time in Mexico's modern history guns are available and not to hard to obtain. It won't be long before they are turned on the government, gone are the days the Zapatistas challenged the gov. with fake wooden rifles.


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