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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alleged Photo of "Jefe Diego" Circulating on the Internet

At eight o'clock on Thursday night a photo that allegedly appears to be Diego Fernandez de Cevallos began circulating through social networks.

The image came from the email;

The capital’s two leading dailies are divided on the photo’s authenticity. El Universal, citing unnamed officials, says the image is genuine; Reforma, based on comments from unidentified authorities and family members, contends the man in the picture is not Fernandez de Cevallos.

The man in the photo has his eyes covered.

"Diego is in good health, and he sends greetings to those who love him and pray for him," says the e-mail.

It also orders Junior to request from the authorities to unblock communications and to remain on line of negotiations that the family publicly offered for his release.

Both authorities and the Fernandez de Cevallos family have been tight-lipped since the kidnapping, though the victim’s son issued a statement this weekend urging the kidnappers to make contact and begin negotiations for his father’s return.

Diego Fernandez de Cevallos ran unsuccessfully for president of Mexico in 1994 on the ticket of the right-wing National Action Party, or PAN, which is now in power.

Since his failed presidential bid, Fernandez de Cevallos has focused mainly on his high-profile law practice.


  1. What is going on? First the military captures the wife of El Chapo and Calderon has her released, then the military captures Nachito (buddy of El Chapo), and the Sinaloa cartel captures El Jefe Diego (buddy of Calderon)!

    Did Calderon and El Chapo break up their relationship?

  2. seems that the media is reporting that the family has called off the search for Diego.

  3. seems that the media is reporting that the family has called off the search for Diego.


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