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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Zetas Lair in Comales

Military finds the lair of the Zetas with armored vehicles, arsenal of weapons, drugs and a "narcofosa."
Comales, Tamaulipas - Well, que les puedo decir? The cleanup of Comales and Camargo continues. The military has been conducting operations in the region that lately had been heavily saturated with narco activity.

Looks like the Zetas and the Gulf cartel have gone into hiding, but the town people are still leery as the sicarios are probably still lurking about, and are said to be monitoring the situation through the internet social networks and blogs.

The local media still will not cover any of the narco activity, not sure if that will ever change. The people are still cautious and are still keeping a low profile because the violence is still among their midst, contrary to the assurances of denial from the local politicians who don't dare show their faces even while heavily guarded by armed escorts.

Last night near the town of Comales the Mexican Army secured a narco-camp belonging to the alleged criminal group "Los Zetas", where they found 19 vehicles, some armored, an arsenal of weapons, drugs and a narco-grave (narcofosa) with two half-buried bodies.

According to sources of the Sedena, this refuge of the criminal group Zeta was discovered after the firefight between soldiers and sicarios last Tuesday night in the town of Comales, municipality of Camargo, in which four people were killed, including two soldiers.

In addition, there are rumors that two other soldiers were found dead in General Bravo, Nuevo León, who had previously been abducted by the Zetas during this same confrontation that took place in Comales.

The camp of the criminal organization was located in a dirt road about 15 miles Camargo, between the villages of Santa Gertrudis and Los Comales.

In a large warehouse they found 19 vehicles and a school bus, some marked with the letter "Z" and others with "Z-40" which is the code for Miguel Angel Trevino one of the leaders of the Zetas.

They also secured 10,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, 338 magazines, 9 long rifles mostly AR-15, a .556-caliber submachine gun, 3 handguns, 52 portable two way radios, 22 cellular phones, 6 wooden boards to torture and 2.5 kilos of marijuana.

About 40 meters from the warehouse, the soldiers found a mass grave in which the bodies of at least two men were half-buried.

This finding is consistent with last Monday's pleas for help from the residents of Comales who were claiming that the Zetas had taken refuge in the town and had virtually taken the whole town hostage. The Zetas were burning houses and businesses and blocking the entrances and exits to the town with heavy vehicles. Prior to the barricades, multitudes of people were fleeing to better secured areas.

People from both Comales and Camargo had asked for the presence of the military to protect them from the daily shootouts that were taking place between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

Most people don't think things will change anytime soon and the view of all the burned dwelling on the streets of Comales is a bleak reminder of what is ahead.

How did our country get to this point?

Below is the account of the confrontation between the military and Zetas around the town of Camargo. The ranch would turn out to be a huge warehouse where the Zetas had the headquartes of their operation.

The confrontation in Camargo leaves two sicarios and two soldiers dead.
April 14, 2010

A confrontation in the town of Comales, Municipality of Camargo, Tamaulipas, between members of the Mexican army and an armed group of sicarios left two sicarios and two soldiers dead. Three other soldiers were also reported injured.

According to information provided by the Ministry of National Defense, the shooting started in Doctor Coss, where the military from the Fourth Region were conducting a mobile checkpoint. the military detected a suspicious convoy of six trucks, which they followed.

This pursuit continued until reaching the village of Comales, where the organized crime group entered a ranch called "Los Martinez" and at that point the people of the convoy confronted the soldiers with gunfire. Given that the place was fenced in, the military personnel descended from their vehicles and engaged the attack from the sicarios.

An official statement said that as a result of the confrontation, two sicarios were killed and two elements of army were killed outside the ranch.

Three other soldiers were wounded and transported by air to the Regional Military Hospital for medical attention.

Several sicarios were also wounded all of which were rescued by their companions on board several vehicles, which managed to flee.

The military deployed an operation composed of 200 troops in the area surrounding the municipality of Camargo and the troops were provided support by two helicopters that were attempting to try to locate the gunmen.

Military commanders requested the assistance of the citizens to report any suspicious situations that could lead to the band of criminals.

They asked that the community share any reports of situations where men are seen with gunshot wounds or injured people seeking treatment in hospitals, clinics or medical facilities.

They also requested that they report any abandoned vehicles that may contain bullet holes or traces of blood.

The latest army casualty reported locally before Tuesday’s incident was late last month, when a soldier died during a shooting in Reynosa near the intersection of Boulevard Mil Cumbres and Avenida Central. Two other soldiers were injured and rushed from the scene to receive medical attention.

Last week, another clash resulted in at least one civilian fatality in Miguel Aleman. The same day, Tamaulipas authorities discovered the corpse of a man in a workshop in Camargo. The body was discovered in the Ampliación Gonzaleño subdivision, according to a statement posted on the Tamaulipas government’s emergency notification Web site. The victim was apparently shot to death.

Meanwhile, in Reynosa, no violence-related fatalities have been reported since April 2, when a prison break left three inmates dead and a gunfight killed five on the city’s southwest side.

The saga continues. . . . . .


  1. if anyone from the camargo area can give me any information about a hotel called La Paloma that is beside the bus station in camargo i would really appreciate it. my husband called me from there on sunday 04/11/10 and i have not heard from him since as you can understand i am reallly woried. i've already contacted every type of authority i can imagine if anyone has any ideas i would really be grateful.

  2. It looks like the Zetas might be back at Camargo, I got an email:

    Subject: COMALES again, OMG. It's a nightmare. Thanks
    Message: 1560 18 Abr 14:48 hrs. URGENTE !!!


    The message has been sent from (Malaysia) at 2010-04-18 16:26:39

    I need more details please!

  3. hi my name is maria. i am desparately looking for my husband and brother in law in camargo. they were going to be crossing the border in carmargo with a coyote. the last contact i had with him was on sunday night at 7:41 pm. 04/11/2010 he told he me had mad it there and was at a motel called La Paloma that was next to the bus station. he told me that he still was not sure when they would be crossing the border and would call me to let me know when he was on this side for me to go pick him up. then on wednesday morning at around 2 am i recieved a call from his cell from an unknown person. he asked me all kinds of questions and asked was i the wife of the owner of the phone and i told him yes. he asked things like where did he work, what was he doing in camargo, and was he legal. he never mentioned my husband's name at all or my brother in law. when i aksed to speak with my husband he told he that lamentablement ya fallecio. i told him that that could not be true and what did th person look like. he told me that did not matter bc he had the phone. he told me that he had his phone, his id and his alma but would not tell me my husban'ds name or give a description of him. he just said that there were lots of bodies and he had their id's. and told me that he was a comandante with los zetas and not to bother him with anymore questions and that i could believe him if i wanted to . he never asked me for money or any information about myself. since then i have not heard anythinng from my husband or his brother. i have contacted the authorities there in camargo he give me descriptions of anyone they find but have not been able to give me any info about this motel. from what my husband had told me it was a front type hotel for the coyote who crossed people at the border. i would just like any information possible if you could give me numbers to hospitals,morgues or anything i would greatly appreciate it i am trying to stay positive and hope that someone just has his phone and he is still on his way home.. agan i would greatly appreciate any help possible. thank you and god bless

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I don't know if anyone can help this lady, we tried but wer enot able to get an information: If anyone know anything about this please! let us know, this is her e-mail message with a description of her husband.

    thank you so much for responding back so quickly his name is Eduardo Segura Bolanos 26 yrd old about 6ft2 inches tall 230-250 lbs. he has a tatoo on his right shoulder that was recently done of an aztec warrior with the aztec calender and his last name of Segura. he also has a tatoo of the sacred heart or Jesus's face with the crown of thorns on his left forearem with our daughter's name Lolita underneath. he has a jester on his calve muscle and a indian face on his ankle. he has a scar on his left eyebrow from where he had a piercing when he was younger and also a scar on his left side under his chest horizontally from where he was cut as a a kid. i saw him on sunday when he called me and he was wearing grey dickies pants, a tank top and a work boots. with small la raiders logo moralito. his brother's name is Jose Juan Segura Bolanos, 6'0" tall about 175-200 lbs. he has no tatoos but that both have a split chin or a barba partida and look alot alike he is just smaller than my husband. my brother in law has a round face and chubby cheeks with a mustache and horizontal eyes. he also has a scar on his hand. he was last wearing a navy blue, grey and white plaid polo style shirt with dark colored jeans and a shoulder sytle small bag. they did not have very much money on them and nothing of value except for my husbands nextel phone that he was using to keep in contact with me. they also both had their credencial de lector on them but the pictures on them are out of date but still have strong resemblences to present day.

  6. I feel so sad to read this, my face warmed up as I continued reading your message Maria..
    I will ask around, but I can't make any promises.. If something happened, this people are so heartless, that I doubt they would remember any names as to confirm anything.. Perhaps they just stopped to check them and confiscated his nextel Maria.. Dios este contigo and I wish you the best of luck to you and your loved ones.. But have faith, what probably happened is that they took his phone and that's all.. Hopefully he is on his way home as we speak.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Maria quick question, the Hotel you're talking about "La Paloma".. Is it in camargo? Or somewhere else in Tamaulipas?

  9. guys, comales is a stratigic location, thats why the CdZ want it so bad, its like 20 minutes from camargo, its a jumping point duhhh....the latest ive heard is that the z are back on comalez and they have it hostage again...

  10. la paloma i believe is between comaleZZZ and Camargolfo...and if its true what you say maria, just have faith, and be strong.

  11. maria i hope you have found your husband, but if you still lookin at him try with these link
    copy and paste it and follow it, it´s a forum from people in camargo speakin about everything it,s happenning there and you can ask for him maybe someone knows him or have seen him ..i hope he it´s ok

  12. Maria i know the city of camargo very well and the hotel is located next to the last plaza about 10 miles from the border.

  13. Well not to put ur hopes down or anything, if you haven't heard from him since 4-11-2010 probably something bad happen. The Zetas don't only kidnap people from money where my grandparents are from they kidnap and kill people just for the heck of it to put fear into the people in the town. But these not always the case.


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