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Monday, April 12, 2010

Video of Massacre in Creel

A video seen around the world was released by Televisa news anchor Denise Merker where a group of sicarios massacred 9 members of a family in Creel with total impunity.

Creel, Chihuahua - The suffering felt deep in the stomach is an epidemic in the Palace.

Last Thursday, the television news caster of the Mexican program "Punto de Partida" on Televisa, Denisse Merker, presented a chilling narco-video that lasted seven minutes that has been seen around the world.

In the video recorded by the Command Center of Cipol in Creel, a dozen gunmen arrive at the village and with total impunity, massacred 9 members of the family of an employer, including a 14 year old child.

The incident was recorded in the early morning of March 15 in Creel, where they have been previous major killings.

For nearly 90 minutes, the video in the hands of "Punto de Partida" clearly records the faces of the thugs, even when they are using cocaine almost at hands full from a plastic bag. You can also see how they beat and terrorize passing drivers who happened to drive by in their vehicles by the crime scene.

Another portion of the video shows two gunmen intercepting a car and sequestering the driver. Later in the video, the men shoot two people in an SUV.

In the video, gunmen are shown approaching the passenger side of a vehicle to receive what appears to be an order for the killings. A man holding a large gun in the passenger seat also is seen taking a white substance and putting it in his nose several times.

In some of the most shocking footage, armed men are seen running across a field before reaching the doors of a housing complex and opening fire into the doors and windows of the residence.

All the details of the killing of tens of mercenaries on board a dozen trucks were recorded by the State Police and for good reason Denisse Merker questions why the authorities did nothing to pursue the murderers. The state authorities are moving and zooming the video cameras for 90 minutes while the sicarios walked around with long rifles and proceeded to terrorize the public and target people for execution, in the mean time the authorities watching all this did nothing to stop them.

We don't know what group these hit men are part of, but here in Chihuahua there are two warring groups: the Sinaloa Cartel and Juarez Cartel," said Carlos Gonzalez, a spokesman for the state attorney general's office. "We're working on trying to figure out which group was responsible."

Gonzalez said there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were involved in drug activity, adding that the motive for the shootings is unclear.

He said the video -- captured by a state public security camera -- is "important" evidence in the investigation.

"This is evidence to identify these people and it's part of the ongoing investigation to find them," said Gonzalez, who is the lead investigator in the case.

"There are very few authorities in this area to police this kind of activity," Gonzalez said.

The images of the gunmen operating freely in the mountainous northwest part of Chihuahua highlight just how lawless rural parts of Mexico have become as the country works to combat an increasingly violent drug war.

Governor Reyes Baeza has remained silent on this case that illustrates the savage and brutal lawlessness of the state of Chihuahua.


  1. Really make we want to go see Copper Canyon....

  2. This is becoming a huge issue.
    Sources tell me that while traveling to Vallehermoso, they got stoped by a caravan of what appeared to be cartel members.. Which faction it was, is still unclear to them.. All I was told was that the "cachasos" where very real. They where pulled from the SUV at gun point, searched and one man hit the passenger in the head with a gun, stating he did not like the way he looked at him. Reason for alot of the violence is due to the fact that they are high, or "cocos", which basically means high on cocaine.. This, combined "corridos", is not a good recipe..

  3. Some of this activity is occuring in the US and there is more to come in the very near future. The US must seal the border and do it now. But, this is not politically correct.

  4. the statement above is not true. i live in the El Paso area the neigboring city of Juarez and check the news constantly. This does not happen in the U.S. the statement above is a cheap attempt to scare those up in northern states in an attempt to seal the bridges and borders. do not be fooled by comments like these. If the statement above were true than everyone in the United States would have heard of it and the proper government agencies would have tooken the necessary measures to prevent it again. shame on you whoever you are. Where are you getting your resources. check them twice.

  5. Yea that's bs I live literally less than 2 miles from the river in la Paloma tx and everythings fine from here to brownsville. The violence is in Mexico. Yes vallermoso is only 25 minutes from here but nothing has changed on this side all is normal.

  6. close the borders? the probelem is because marijuana is illegal. if pot was legalized than multinational corperations could move the drugs. they would fight with lawyers instead of guns. it is the fault of the usa so wouldnt it be fair that the violence moves to the usa? or even better legalize drugs and the problem would dissapear tomorrow

  7. i live in creel. i was hiding in my home the morning this video happened just as everyone else in town was. to clarify a few things...
    the "housing complex" that they fired into was actually the mayors house. around town it is assumed the mayor was probably in the pockets of the rival cartel. just look how big his house is when he only makes 20000 dollars a year.
    also the cops didnt do anything because they were severly outgunned. when the gunmen drove by my house i saw about 6 gunmen in each SUV and with about a dozen SUVs thats about 70 gunmen. there are only a couple dozen cops in this village. 3-1 ratio of gunmen to cops would just be suicide for the cops. nobody in town blames the cops for hiding and there were simultaneous raid in the other towns in our area so their cops couldnt help either.
    also it says here that there was no reason to belive the victims were related to drug activity. thats bull. several of the victims are well known drug dealers in this town so they will not be missed.

    1. Thank you for speaking the truth. From someone who was there and who knows what's going on.

  8. It's all the white man's fault for inventing guns, cars, and houses.


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