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Monday, April 19, 2010

Three killed at Funeral Home

Nayarit - Three men were executed by an armed commando at the funeral home San Jose, the where they were having the funeral services for the people that were killed last Friday. The incident occurred this morning at the intersection of Mexico and Victoria streets.

Dead were Gumaro Plata González 37-year-old and cousin of the alleged low lever narco trafficker (narcomenudista) who was the deceased at the wake.

Also killed was Humberto Rivera León 32, son of the lady that was killed hours earlier in the community of Indeco. Rivera León was wearing a bulletproof vest but it did not saved his life or the AR-15 assault rifle he was carrying.

The third man shot near the funeral home, was identified only as Santos, an innocent victim apparently oblivious to the murder for revenge, for he merely a humble street musician from the street of Zacatecas.

The three men killed were part of the recent executions in this terrible new wave of violence in the city.

After the violent execution that occurred at 4 am this Sunday, the family members attending the wake left in panic leaving behind the coffin with the body of Cesar Plata Quintero, who was gunned down Friday. At the moment the terrified staff at San Jose Funeral Home asked for protection from the authorities so they could transport the corpse to the cemetery to bury him.

Over one hundred bullet holes were seen on the walls of the funeral home and on the shops of the street including the Banamex bank at the corner of Victoria.


  1. Funeral service men shot at a funeral home, what next, the world is going mad

  2. Evil is all time high for these demonized people. Theres no more respect for common decentcy. We sow what we reap.


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