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Friday, April 23, 2010

Still Searching for Eduardo

Family searching for man missing after Camargo battle.
A lady had sent me an e-mail about her husband, Eduardo Carrillo-Hernandez. missing in Camargo. She was afraid something might had happened to him and was pleading for help in finding him.  The family of  Eduardo are clinging to hope but fearing the worst may have happened to him.

The lady said that the father of five went missing in Camargo, Tamaulipas on April 9th.

Camargo is located across south of the border from Rio Grande City.

Tamaulipas state officials reported a gun battle took place there between two groups of armed rivals on day he went missing.

No injuries or deaths were reported by officials in the incident.

But Jose Carrillo-Hernandez said from Dallas that the family last heard from his brother on that morning.

With all the recent reports of drug-related violence, the family is now fearing the worst after not hearing from him in more than 10 days.

Jose said his brother Eduardo called their mother from a hotel in Camargo that morning.

Eduardo told his mother that he planned to cross into the United States illegally and he already had a coyote ready to guide him across.

The 34-year-old father of five planned to head to Michigan to be with his wife and children, who range in ages for 16 to 10 years old.

Jose said their family is from Morelia, Michoacan. He said his brother Eduardo had been living in the United States for more than 20 years and was not involved with any criminal activity.

The Dallas man said his brother did landscaping work, snow shoveling, tile work and other odd jobs up in Michigan.

Jose said Eduardo had been deported from Michigan last year after getting thrown in jail for driving a car without a driver’s license.

Based on reports they heard about the gun battle on the day he went missing, Jose said his family fears that Eduardo may have been caught in the crossfire.

Law enforcement officials on both sides of the border had no record of Eduardo.

Mexican authorities have not released names of casualties in the recent drug violence.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Eduardo is asked to email the family at or call Jose Carrillo-Hernandez at (972) 375-6036.

Or you can post any information here or e-mail us at
I really which we could get them any information.

Here are her e-mails for help!

April 18, 2010 3:15 PM
Maria said...

hi my name is maria. i am desparately looking for my husband and brother in law in camargo. they were going to be crossing the border in carmargo with a coyote. the last contact i had with him was on sunday night at 7:41 pm.

04/11/2010 he told he me had mad it there and was at a motel called La Paloma that was next to the bus station. he told me that he still was not sure when they would be crossing the border and would call me to let me know when he was on this side for me to go pick him up.

then on wednesday morning at around 2 am i recieved a call from his cell from an unknown person. he asked me all kinds of questions and asked was i the wife of the owner of the phone and i told him yes. he asked things like where did he work, what was he doing in camargo, and was he legal.

he never mentioned my husband's name at all or my brother in law. when i aksed to speak with my husband he told he that lamentablement ya fallecio. i told him that that could not be true and what did th person look like. he told me that did not matter bc he had the phone.

he told me that he had his phone, his id and his alma but would not tell me my husban'ds name or give a description of him. he just said that there were lots of bodies and he had their id's. and told me that he was a comandante with los zetas and not to bother him with anymore questions and that i could believe him if i wanted to. he never asked me for money or any information about myself.

since then i have not heard anythinng from my husband or his brother. i have contacted the authorities there in camargo he give me descriptions of anyone they find but have not been able to give me any info about this motel. from what my husband had told me it was a front type hotel for the coyote who crossed people at the border.

i would just like any information possible if you could give me numbers to hospitals,morgues or anything i would greatly appreciate it i am trying to stay positive and hope that someone just has his phone and he is still on his way home.. agan i would greatly appreciate any help possible. thank you and god bless

April 18, 2010 5:45 PM
Maria said...
thank you so much for responding back so quickly his name is Eduardo Segura Bolanos 26 yrd old about 6ft2 inches tall 230-250 lbs. he has a tatoo on his right shoulder that was recently done of an aztec warrior with the aztec calender and his last name of Segura.

he also has a tatoo of the sacred heart or Jesus's face with the crown of thorns on his left forearem with our daughter's name Lolita underneath. he has a jester on his calve muscle and a indian face on his ankle. he has a scar on his left eyebrow from where he had a piercing when he was younger and also a scar on his left side under his chest horizontally from where he was cut as a a kid.

i saw him on sunday when he called me and he was wearing grey dickies pants, a tank top and a work boots. with small la raiders logo moralito.

his brother's name is Jose Juan Segura Bolanos, 6'0" tall about 175-200 lbs. he has no tatoos but that both have a split chin or a barba partida and look alot alike he is just smaller than my husband. my brother in law has a round face and chubby cheeks with a mustache and horizontal eyes. he also has a scar on his hand. he was last wearing a navy blue, grey and white plaid polo style shirt with dark colored jeans and a shoulder sytle small bag.

they did not have very much money on them and nothing of value except for my husbands nextel phone that he was using to keep in contact with me. they also both had their credencial de lector on them but the pictures on them are out of date but still have strong resemblences to present day.


  1. thanks for keeping me up to date i live on
    a border town. right across from reynosa. you guys are sometimes quicker than our local news.


  2. Iliana, do you think you or bugs would be willing to help us find the truth about Eduardo in Camargo? We could give you information of a contact person, but he requests you don't bring anyone else, just you too. We could also pay you if necessary.

    I sent Bugs a e-mail asking him to do this for us, but he does not answer. I am just a friend of the family

  3. This story is confusing.

    How can Jose (from Dallas) be commenting anything if he and his brother Eduardo were deported, they also being the two that are missing????

  4. I don't mean to sound rude, but why doesn't the family of the missing man go themselves if they are willing to pay Buggs and Illiana to go to Camargo (but going themselves is not a good idea either)? Is it because they fear the area? I am assuming Illian and Buggs do as well...fear of becoming a target. They don't state their identity on this blog for their going to Camargo - a battle ground - not such a hot idea. You automatically become a target when you are not from the area. I wish this family all the best in finding their loved one, or at least finding the truth behind his disapperance.

    May God bless them.

  5. The cell phones now have gps tracking, if its still working police can track it to its location, however don't know if there is a distinction between police and criminals in Mexico

  6. I am certain it its difficult times right now, but we don't go finding missing people, we just report and do what we can to help.

  7. I wish I could do more for you, but I can't. Like Buggs said, we just report and that in itself is dangerous enough. Is this Maria?

    We need an update, I got a new e-mail address, click on my name under "Borderland Beat Reporters."

    God bless!

  8. Eduardo, the father of 5 is not the same as the Eduardo that Maria is talking about.

    Concerned family member

  9. I just re-read this posting after reading "The Missing in Tamaulipas"...I am a bit confused now...this posting is about an Eduardo, a father of five who is missing, but it mentions two Eduardos (Eduardo Segura Bolaños-26 AND Eduardo Carrillo Hernandez-37), and I am assuming they are totally different people being searched by two different families.

    So this posting is looking for which Eduardo? This posting gives the description for which Eduardo, and the contact info provided is to the aid the search for which Eduardo? And this statement further confuses things as it shows yet a different age, "The 34-YEAR-OLD father of five planned to head to Michigan to be with his wife and children, who range in ages for 16 to 10 years old." Confusing...

  10. Yes, you are correct. Eduardo Segura Bolanos is not a father of 5 from Michigan. The Eduardo that we are looking for has a wife named Maria and has been waiting on him to make it home for over 2 weeks now. I believe that they both have similar stories but they are definately 2 different men with 2 different families. The Eduardo that we are looking for is not the same man in the picture. It is him and his brother that are missing and they were last heard from or seen on Sunday, April 11, 2010. The phone call Maria got from Eduardo's cell was real.

    Where it says here are her emails for help is where Maria's story begins.

    Thanks to all,
    Concerned Family Member

  11. This is the wife of Eduardo Carrillo who`s 37yrs my brother in law must have mistakenly wrote 34 or inprint mistake on his age any way his disapearing happened on April 9 and we pray to God for him and the family of the other Eduardo Segura and his brother who also went missing.


  13. yo necesito ayuda en encontar a una persona que llego a camargo al hotel paloma y desde el viernes 31 de agosto que supuestamente lo hiban a cruzar no sabemos nada de el. si alguien me puede dar numeros de telefonos en camargo tamaulipas para buscarlo. muchas gracias.


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