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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Police Chief and two Other Officers Killed in Los Aldamas

Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon -  Well, we have been reading a lot here on the Borderland Beat about some of the corrupt police officers. But in the northeastern part of Mexico a lot of them have been getting killed. Why do they get killed? Very few get killed while in the heat of battle, most are killed during an ambush or they get abducted and are later found executed.

That is exactly what happened in Aldama where two municipal police officers and their police chief were reportedly abducted (levantados) between Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Well, they were found executed Wednesday, their bodies dumped in a ravine in the rural part of the town.

The police chief was identified as Oliver García Peña, while the other two victim officers have not yet been identified.

As reported in the newspaper El Norte of Monterrey it was around yesterday afternoon when Pemex employees who were in the area to inspect a well of the oil company at which time they found the tree bodies.

The crime scene was full of military personnel who were there to keep the area secured. The agents of the Ministerial department as well as crime scene investigators arrived to process the scene. So there is not a lot of information yet. We do not know the cause of death.

Sometimes police officers get killed by organize crime because they have ties to rival cartels or sometimes they get killed because they are fighting the cartels. Seems like it's a "no win" situation no matter how you cut it.

"Plata o plomo?"

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