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Monday, April 19, 2010

Miguel Aleman Shootout Leaves 3 Sicarios Dead

Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas — Three gunmen were killed in a shootout with Mexican army soldiers late Saturday night.

The gunmen reportedly clashed with the soldiers late Saturday night and exchanged gunfire in the Villa del Mar neighborhood in Ciudad Miguel Alemán, across the Rio Grande from Roma.

No information about possible casualties among soldiers was disclosed.

Federal authorities continue to investigate the Saturday night shootout — the latest in a string of violence that has plagued Tamaulipas border cities across from South Texas since late February.

Authorities believe the wave of violence has come since the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas — the two dominant, once-allied drug smuggling groups in northeast Mexico — began battling in the open for valued drug smuggling routes into the United States.

Violent battles and shootouts have been reported in Reynosa in the past month, however, none seem to have broken out in the past week, according to city officials. No incidents were reported in the city on Sunday.

“We have verified information with municipal police and report no incidents,” the city wrote in an online bulletin. “We will continue checking with federal agencies.”

However, authorities in cities west and south of Reynosa continue to report homicides and fatal violent confrontations.

Police found the body of a man shot to death Sunday afternoon along the highway between Gonzalez and Mante in southern Tamaulipas.

In Mier, a small town across the border from western Starr County, federal and state police said Friday night they had restored order after a shootout between groups of gunmen that injured three and damaged several vehicles.

And in Diaz Ordaz, across the border from Sullivan City, a man with gunshot wounds was found on the Lucio Blanco ranch near the city. That homicide remains under investigation.

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  1. I had the (dis)pleasure of working in Reynosa recently and I can tell you it's tense. Shame too because it is slowly starting to affect the maquilas that provide income for so many people on both sides of the border in Reynosa and McAllen.

    The McAllen Monitor did a pretty good story on it here:


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