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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mexico Alters Drug War Strategy

Mexico's army began to pull out troops from the country's most violent drug war city Ciudad Juarez -- to give federal police control of security. Jon Decker reports.


  1. Huh? Now we're back to police from whom control was taken away because of ineffectiveness, corruption, and simply being overwhelmed by the ever increasing resources, in both money and weaponry, of the cartels and gangs?

  2. Cops will never stand a chance.. They are overpowered and outnumbered.. They don't stand a chance.. What they have to do is keep the soldiers in all this cities, but make them alternate every 2-4 weeks.. Bringing different soldiers every once in a wheel.. Right now as it stands.. Soldiers in Matamoros, are stationed for months and months to come.. Easiest way for the government to fight corruption is to alternate them, don't keep them too long in a single place, because temptation is a bitch..

    Second of all, military has to get better training.. Morale classes, and have strict punishment for anybody who doesn't follow procedure, to combat the injustices and innocent murders.. But as it stands, the millitary is the only hope.

    Too bad the people ontop don't care enough to actually implement any kind of change.. Who came up with the brilliant idea of giving the power back to the federal cops.. The cartels?..


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