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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter; CDG to Tampico Citizens

Here is a letter that surfaced 1-2 weeks ago signed C.D.G. I was sitting on this letter for a while because of how it was written, but decided to post it after a conversation I had with a friend who told me "Ya dieron luz verde en Tamaulipas de matar Zetas otraves", They just gave the green light to kill Zetas in Tamaulipas again.

It was strange to hear that because I had not heard of any sort of treaty, but according to what I was told there had been attempts on restoring peace between the organizations, but apparently it was not working out so they called it off.

I had to change some of the wording in order for it to make sense, but here it is for those who want to read it.

Citizens of Tampico, don't be afraid, we only protect your wellbeing. We take care of the "Plaza". We are people who come prepared, we are not young men, we don't kill women, we respect them.

Citizens, don't be afraid, Don't listen to gossip, we don't attack people who are not involved in this. Don't be afraid, The Zetas want to scare you, the Marines are not coming for us. It is against the Zetas.

This weekend respect the curfew; today, tomorrow and the day after starting from 12am on Saturday and Sunday starting at 9pm don't go out. We have orders of defending this "Plaza" from all enemies. We are not responsible of where the gunfights may breakout.

We are from Tamaulipas, don't be afraid nothing will happen to you, everything is against The Zetas, not against citizens. Really, don't be afraid, just respect our curfew this weekend and nobody will be hurt, the Marines are not coming.

Please do not go out, we are looking for Zetas, report them at this numbers, send a SMS to 8386457896 and 8386458963 but don't send jokes.

If you have an emergency or need to go out for work just turn on your caution lights and interior lights.
If you are stopped just show your identification and it will be fast, but don't test us.

Everything that is happening in Reynosa and Tampico is because of different groups that are fighting for the "Plaza". We are from Tamaulipas and we take care of you. We know how to respect women and children.

You don't want for La Familia or another family killing, or a group that rapes children like the one from Juarez to take control of Reynosa.

We are Tamaulipas, we are you. We don't want for thieves, rapists or police to take advantage of you. We want your well being. Report anything you see or anything that happens.
Approach our trucks and ask for help, that is what we are, help.

Everything that is happening in Reynosa, the closing of roads, that is not us, those are The Zetas. We are from here, we live with you, we have family here, we dress well, we are educated. We stick to what we do, we are not some low class people, just respect our curfew for your own safety.

We don't recruit kids, we have been in business for more than 15 years and we have never bothered you before. Don't be confused, we don't steal from you, we only stick to our job. We only bother the people who mess with our business.

We deal with them our way, we never throw bodies on the streets, those are other groups. The border is ours, always has been and always will be. It is protected by us.

They send us to inform all of you, and not only through this media. If you want to know more, go ahead and call the numbers we provided, through there we will answer your questions, but don't ask stupid questions.

This is a communication and is not a joke. Please don't test us, call us if you so eagerly want to know. We are a very big organization and you know where we are, we are from Tamaulipas.

My orders where to inform you, the day of tomorrow in Tampico we will put up bulletins (NarcoMantas) about the curfew for your safety. Please understand we want your well being. No more break ins of houses, we are here to protect the citizens, we have taken care of a lot of criminals in Tampico and various parts of the city.

It is easy to know who we are, we only drive white trucks, blue, gold and black, and only trucks. We don't drive cars, it's easy to identify us.

Always one from the group will be wearing a black hat with no logo, and some of our trucks have no plates. About the curfew, don't worry you will know when everything ends and there will be peace once again.
On a final note, what happened in Vallehermoso, that is not us, in Laredo we are in battle with La Familia who just arrived, Tampico is ours don't be afraid, no more changes there, Rio Bravo nothing will ever happen there OK, Matamoros is quiet, Victoria yesterday they tried to take it from us, but it it's still ours.

Monterrey belongs to Los Zetas, that's part of the agreement, Juares belongs to everyone but Reynosa is in dispute. If you are afraid to go out at night, flip your back plates backwards. There is no problem with the police, but don't cross the line because I will know who you are and I will personally go and drag you by your balls.

We want no fooling around, don't cross the line and everything will be ok. After 10pm there will be no police on the streets and there will be no problems, just call the numbers we gave you. They will answer your call as if it where an office, just state what you need and be quick.

Contact us if you want a job, just state "We want a job", or "We are calling to report something".

We are ready everywhere. Please don't play games, OK, I am Major Leon 7 and El Negro, La Guera and El Chino are with me. Everything will be in peace, we are the help. We want wellbeing in Reynosas and Tampico. Believe us, we are from here we don't want to hurt you. C.D.G.

"We are at war with La Familia", but CDG and La Familia are supposed to be part of "La Nueva Federacion". Coalition against Los Zetas. The letter also states that Monterrey belongs to Los Zetas as part of the agreement, but if this statement is/was true, then everyone has been under the wrong impression, because what they had fed us up to this point was that they wanted to exterminate all Zetas and their crimes against humanity.

Of course we have to keep in mind, that even in Cartels, Politics reign supreme. On another note, the letter is signed by "Major Leon 7" and states that "La Guera" is part of his group. I covered a video where they interrogate "Z43" and the interrogation took place in Tampico; in it he states that orders to cause mayhem where issued by "Major La Guera alias La Puma".

Could all this be a fabrication in order to cause even further confusion, or am I just going too far? I mean there could be two "Gueras" in Tampico, right?... I checked the numbers that they provided, but they had not been registered so they no longer work.

The person who told me that there was green light on the killing of Zetas told me that apparently they had tried to end the war and settle an agreement, but things didn't work out so they called it off. Post your thoughts guys and hope you like the piece.



  1. So they had made truce between the Zetas and the CDG? I hear the CDG was not happy with La Famila trying to move in to Tamaulipas to help kill Zetas? The Zetas are not trapped in some corner, they just moved south, from their "ground Zero" in Comales (as reported here) all the way to Monterrey. But they are fighting back north to re-take the border,

    Sheeet! Hold on to your pants Tamaulipanes!

    La Linea just sent a resounding message to Calderon in Juarez.

    If some day God forbids all these cartels decide to organize and take on the Mexican government collectively, Mexico will be a "failed state." But until that happens, the cartels will always see each other as competitors, and will try to kill each other. That is the machismo that has prevailed in Mexico's culture for decades.

    God bless Mexico and "el pueblo."

  2. For years I would always say in conversations, "If the cartels would join alliance, they would be invincible. Not even the US government would have a chance at bringing them down if they joined forces.

  3. The lack of any effective response by the government to these "comunicados", either on the internet or on the ground proves their ineptness or corruption (or both). This just adds to the lack of confidence of the public in the ability of law enforcement or the military to provide any permanent protection.

  4. This letter contradicts everything we have been told up until now. It was to my understanding that that la familia were part of the "la nueva federacion" / "la federacion" working against los zetas. This is the first I heard about a truce in the works and la familia fighting against the CDG...and I thought La Guera was on the z side and not the CDG (the letter is signed "CDG."). The CDG was supposedly in the process of exterminating los zetas. If this letter is true, it just contradicts everything...if the truce was real, then may be, just may be, that may explain the past two quiet weeks in Reynosa, and the recent attack that occurred in Reynosa Thursday (truce in the works was dissolved)...but again, I just find this letter to be doesn't make sense...but like RiseMakaveli said, "that even in Cartels, Politics reign supreme."

  5. I just hope they get rid of the Zetas, I remember when i could go across the border with friends and cruse the streets, but now we cant do that because of the Zetas taking away our vehicles and belongings, is it that they don't make enough money already to buy there own stuff.

  6. @ Anonymous 1. You touched up on everything perfectly my friend. "La Guera" first surfaced in that "Z43" video, where the man says that the orders where given by her. I asked some friends about her if they knew who she was, all but one of them told me no. The person who had heard of her before said that only by name, with no background story to her, which means she is not a fabricated person. She is very real, but on who's side she's on, now that is the question. As to "La Familia" yeah that's exactly my point. The letter seems valid because it touches on some important points, like where it says that Zetas own monterrey according to the agreement. What's happening now? All the murders and stuff happening in Monterrey.

  7. This letter reminds me of a little kid trying to convince his mom over and over again that he didn't break the lamp. "Mom, I promise it wasn't me" 10 minutes later "Mom, I promise it wasn't me", do you know what I am saying? They keep on saying we are Tamaulipas we are you, just sounds like they (whoever they are) are trying to give a false sense of security to the people.

    BTW: No honor between thieves. No treaty will ever last between any cartel.

  8. False sense of security to later blame any civil deaths on the other group. Ex: CDG "wrote" this letter and the citizens feel a bit better but it is the Zetas that actually released it and they kill the people to later spread more fear through out the town.


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