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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Facebook Movement

As many of you know, the social networks like Tweeter, Facebook and blogs have taken a leading role in reporting the narco violence in Mexico. I truly believe this is where true change will start. Borderland Beat is one of the major blogs reporting the cartel war in the borders and beyond, up and personal. I got this e-mail recently and I thought it was important for me to share with you.

Here are the voices of many Mexicans tired of the violence in this fight agianst the orginized crime. Hope you investigate. I am just passing this information on.

Open Letter
C. Lic. Felipe Calderon
President of Mexico

Dear Mr. President,
We are a group on Facebook called Mexico New Revolution. This group was born as a link of communication among Mexicans due to lack of information by the media about the current violence and the fighting against organized crime that is happening in our country.

We neither support nor reject any criminal organization. We are informed of some dangerous situations even before the media or the authorities report it.

We get advice on how to react when there is a friendly fire or involuntary participation in any of the acts by the organized crime. We have people from Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Texas and other states. Our participation is under complete anonymity due to the purpose of the group.

First, we want to demonstrate our unconditional support in the fight against drug trafficking and the organized crime. We urge you to maintain the members of SEDENA and SEMAR on the streets of our country because we consider they are the only ones defending us in this fight.

Likewise, we express our concern about the serious situation in which the town of Comales, Tamaulipas is going through right now.

People from such place have been sending desperate pleas to the different social network sites, reflecting the insecurity of the situation they say they are living since February 23rd. In such messages they say that the town is practically been held against their will by the organized crime without been able to neither leave nor enter freely and lacking of basic services and goods, medicine, medical attention; putting great risk to the health and welfare of the people.

Apparently, an equally grave situation occurred this morning in Camargo, Tamaulipas where the inhabitants reported the burning of houses, businesses as well as public buildings.

We cannot sit idly by doing nothing listening to these pleas from our countrymen who have the misfortune of being innocent victims of this war. Due to the gravity of the situation we ask to intervene as soon as possible on behalf of those who are suffering and to avoid further tragic events.

Attached you will find some of the comments written by people in the affected area in their own words and how they appeared within the social networks. We also are including a link to Proceso the only media outlet at the moment that has reported on the situation.

We are hoping that you listen to our petition and you have our support and admiration.

Mexico New Revolution
We are asking for help from people who are reading this just to let you know, please we beg you to help us. We are held against our will in Comales. They do not let us leave. God, what can we do, help us, I beg you with tears in my eyes, for God’s sake…there is no law here, there is nothing, everything is under control even gas, food, there is no work, school; stores are closed, just for them, I know about ill people in their houses, there are no doctors….but there is not a way out, not even to Camargo to look for a doctor. We are dying little by little…I do not know what we are going to do. I do it for myself, for my children and for many children in town. I repeat it again, we are going to die or they are going to kill us…I hope you can help me. I will thank you all my life.

If the Government of Tamaulipas ignors us…

Nuevo Leon….and people from Nuevo Leon…we are asking for your help…it is urgent to help this town and the county. Early this morning they burnt the city hall, business, houses, hospitals in Camargo…Comales is held hostage, with no communication, it is a total chaos…we don not have authorities….send the media…you need to know what’s happening…we are doing bad…do something, please our state Tamaulipas does not want to help and the worse of it we do not exist for them…thank you.


  1. Illiana I am glad you kept tag on this, and I just want everyone to know that we will always look towards your well being.. We would never disclose any personal information.. We are all about getting the info out there for others to see and understand.. So please keep doing so, thanks Illiana for taking interest in this kind of stories.. It shows your true heart.

  2. I contacted the local media in the US and told a reporter about Camargo Comales and when i called later in the day i was told that the Mexican military was contacted and that their was nothing going on and that authorities had been in the area with nothing out of the ordinary to report.
    I was chastised by the media contact for remaining anonymous as i was told that the Mexican military contact has a name and that even her name in the news was for all to know. I stated my position that "i am concerned for my families safety".
    I read about the cartel on a daily basis and locally two stories add credence to the above article. One was on krgv 5 news about a Vietnam veteran who has family in Camargo and has not heard from them in three days when usually he talks to them two three times a day. He has plans to go to Mexico to find his family.
    The second story was an acquaintance that has a family member in Camargo that received a twitter that "trucks marked with CDG are using loudspeakers warning residents" to "stay off the streets our fight is with Z".
    In a possibly related story
    "Customs officers at the Anzalduas International Bridge in Mission reported the seizure of 7,500 rounds of ammunition allegedly headed into Mexico.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers told Action 4 News that the seizure took place on Saturday.

    Investigators said a 36-year-old Reynosa man was headed into Mexico at the Anzalduas International Bridge in Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

    Customs officers told Action 4 News that an outbound inspection revealed 7,500 rounds of live ammunition were found inside his truck.

    Authorities seized both the ammunition and the pickup truck."

    Everyone stay safe out there, we all need to be the eyes and ears of our communities and report criminal activity anonymously if you have to.

  3. It seems at some point the people of Mexico might defend themselves. I am not sure how that would transpire but if things are happening as is descrbed above it would seem that at some point a "critical mass" might be achieved, perhaps triggered by some event or series of events that is so heinous that direct action by the populace might result. And if that happens the loss of life could be staggering indeed.

  4. When I read this article it made me feel like cryin. It really touched my heart.. I wish there was something I could do to help.. We should get this information into the right politics.. There has to be people in Mexico who care.. I will try to see what I can dig up tonight and see what we can do.

  5. Hi Iliana, I'm Melissa Lotzer, the founder of this Mexico Nueva Revolucion Facebook Group.

    I'm glad that you hear our voices in representation of the people from Comales and Camargo in this case. This is just one case of hundreds that my country is going trough.Unfortunately the local media is keeping silence because they are afraid, I'm afraid too but I have hope that we can make the change trough this social network based on citizens reports.

    Is because the people that heard our voices, like you do, that we still believe on changes.

    We are part of the new revolution, the one based on the culture of information and citizen demand to the local authorities for our basic rights.

    We don't support civil attacks, insurgence nor any kind of attack to the government.

    Again, thank you very much for your support and here you have the link of our group:
    and our wordpress page is:

    We will keep in touch.
    Melissa Lotzer

  6. Please help us in San Fernando y Comales Tamaulipas.

  7. 22:07 hrs. a la poblacion de cd.camargo

    diganles al ejercito que el grupo de zzz que estrava en comales el dia de hoy mientras ellos llegaban a cd camargo estos se trasladaban por la carretera comales m aleman y se internaron por la carretera los guerra el nogalito y por la brecha de gas rumbo al campo de tiro en los guerra 'mier, ahy es donde aahora estan estos asesinos de los zzzz siempre sacandole la vuelta,,, que vengan y los busquen por esos ranchos con rumbo al nogalito y rumbo a la bech

  8. El problema que tenemos en México es el GRAN CONSUMO DE DROGA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS.
    Es terrible que haya tanto joven y viejo comprando droga es USA ¿Nunca llenan de andar drogados?
    Ademas de eso, venden armas largas a mexicanos que son delincuentes.
    Otra cosa: En México no hay trabajo, en pueblos como Camargo y los comerciantes de ahi dependen en gran porcentaje de las actividades del narcotráfico, pues son los delincuentes los que traen mas dinero y gastan mas.
    SOLUCION. Empleo en Camargo, No venta de armas para México ¿Que ya no se droguen en USA? Esto último es IMPOSIBLE

  9. How scary and alarming. This reality must be heard by the world. The New York times hardly ever mentions anything about the drug cartels. The Americans must know how this people are living so they feel guilty for consuming so much drugs and for those republicans that agree with selling arms legally to anybody. This is incredible. Somebody should put poison to cocaine and when everybody that consumed it dyes then this problem will be taken care of by the USA.

  10. hi, tampico tamaulipas .... I'm glad to see that at least inform the other hand the reality of things is a joke .... what the Governor and the authorities here are saying "NO PASS HERE nothing "and in fact is so ... but in a matter of authority as a mother .... terrifies me to think that my son can hang out and I'm not that close to protect ..... we no longer carry to school for fear of threats from the group of Zetas have been met narco blankets .... where we say they will pay with children and from entering the schools ... to die for each zeta 3 children will die ..... so .... I have told the authorities say it's just a rumor because they are responsible to remove the covers so that nobody can see them .... but many people have seen .. ..

    Here the media spend their time talking only of the murder of the girl paulette ... or visit Mrs. michel obama to our country ... but the truth to us that we do not care ... we want to inform us of security ... we know what happens outside and if we leave or not to take our children to school? .....

    I can continue talking about this and never finished .... in Tampico, Tamaulipas and gentlemen ... we fear the authorities engaged only say that nothing happens here .....

    hopefully someone can help, because the authorities only take away our voice and tell us liars and psychotic ......

    greetings to all...........:(

  11. It is time. The hideous acts have taken place. It is the people of Mexico who must take a stand.The blood of the innocent should not be in the gutters of every city. Evil spreads when decent people choose not to fight evil and corruption. It does not matter where this evil presents itself, gangs, cartels, corruption... You the people of Mexico must fight. People of Mexico you may die fighting evil, but you will not die cowards in the face of evil. God is your strength...if you do not you will die many deaths griped in fear trying to exist in your Country. In the final analysis. Fight for your family, fight for your country it is your home not theirs.


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