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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Captured "ZetaSoldado," Interview

Hey people, RiseMakaveli here, reporting for from the Tamaulipas area. Some of you readers might already know me, I started posting in the comments here and decided to join forces with BorderlandBeat to provide you with the daily scoop on the Cartel Wars that we're currently experiencing all through Mexico.

Because of all the insecurity and dangers of reporting on the daily events of the Cartels, we here at BorderlandBeat decided to stand behind an avatar and allias.. I've heard some readers explain how they feel that this makes us lose credibility.. Well we are sorry you feel that way, but for people who have seen first hand what this people are capable of, I prefer for people to question my credibility, as oppose to somebody knocking on my door.

You have to understand, this is a calling.. We don't do this for pay, we do this because we feel that people should be informed of the truth, and I personally stand here and vouche, that I will try and do this to the best of my capacity.

If anybody has any information, tips or stories or threats that you wana hit my way, you can contact me via email at .. Keep in mind that anything spoken with me will remain anonymous.

Recently a video hit the internet, supposedly from the "AntiZetas" group. In the video one can observe a captive prisoner who claims to be a soldier who is part of the Decima Zona Military in Durango. The soldier that goes by the name of Luis Miguel Garcia Miramontes, can be seen in the video being questioned about his connection with the criminal group called "Los Zetas". In the video the captive explains how along with him, there are two high ranking officers who also belong to this organization. Capitan Delfino Olivares Reyes, and Sargento Miguel Angel Rodriguez Esparza where both linked to this organization by the "Cabo de Transmissiones"..

In the chilling video, the captive explains how his superiors work for the "Zetas", providing them with military suits, boots and ammunitions. Along the course of the interrogation, the soldier also explains how he gets paid "4,000 pesos pesos" bi-weekly.. He then states that his superiors get paid more.. He goes on to explain how they provide the organization with the precise location of all the military outposts and command centers.. Reason why it seems that the "retenes" or military checkpoints, have been so unsuccesfull. He then goes on to say that the people who they work for are "El Alakran" and "El Mauro".. The interrogation lasts about 5 minutes before the last question is asked..

"You participated in the kidnappings and murders?"

The captive is then heard stuttering as he repplies.. "Yes.." After which there is a chilling silence for a couple of seconds before the camera is turned off.. One can only imagine what happened next.

In the video besides the "capitan" and "sargento", Luis Miguel also mentions he has a brother who also works for the "Zetas"..

Recently there has been alot of debate going on regarding how the Military is being used in Mexico.. From Politics to Blogs, people agree and disagree.. I think this is a clear example of how delicate this situation is.. If the soldier was risking his life and risking being captured over measly "4,000 pesos".. (roughly 320-350$) then one really has to look into the situation.. How much are the soldiers getting paid? You can clearly see in the video that the soldier is scared, and with good reason.. There seems to be some sort of "Savana" hanguing in the background, which is what they usually use when they're about to execute someone, to keep the walls and floors from staining in blood.

This is the first time that I can recall where we can see that the person being interrogated actually belongs to the Mexican Millitary.

You can watch the video below...


  1. Wow Rise Makaveli, this is riveting!
    I am glad you join the team, we really need more people from this side of the border reporting in English what is really happening. You know there is a dark side to this entire thing, you start scratching around and turning over things over, and the things one uncovers.

    I am glad you are going to cover this, and I can say so far, you have not disappointed us.

    Good job!

  2. I pray for the young man, his body will probably be found soon. It is tragic and it show this is real and cruel. God save Mexico!

  3. This and all the other articles in Borderland Beat is the reason why sit in my computer waiting for after midnight to read the latest stuff!

    Oh my GOD!!!!

  4. In their war there is "no quarter given and no quarter expected".

    Indeed a shame and a tragedy for many, many reasons.

  5. Weather this video is true or not i'm not sure. The subject looks composed and based on his speech appears to be legitimate.
    The subject is referring to a town in along the base of the Sierra Madre mountains. Santiago Papasquiaro, this town is notorious for daily firefights between Zetas and Sinaloa cartel gun. There is a military base entering town, but have been inept in stopping the violence.
    Military patrol are sporadic and stop before dark.
    Firefights have lasted hours and police have picked up thousands of spent rounds, yet the military has yet to leave the base and confront the sicarios.
    This makes more sense, now.
    Santiago Papasquiaro is a strategic town for the weed and goma that is transported from growers in Tepehuanes, Otaez, La Cienega, Topia etc.
    About a year ago the town was taken by storm in a brazen attack from the Zetas based in Tepehuanes. Recently La Federacion has regained ground taking Tepehuanes and Santiago Papasquiaro pushing the Zetas deep in the Sierra were they continue their attacks on specific targets.
    Based on recent activities I would say the Zetas will soon be eliminated from la sierra de Durango.
    Their ultimate goal to reach Canelas (Nacho Coronel's backyard) stopped in Topia.

  6. Im very happy you joined the Borderland Beat team "RM".. Keep up the good work.. Im so glad that ya'll report on the things the US media seems to fail to.

  7. There is no doubt in my mind that the fight over turfs between the drug cartels will cease. However, as all of us know, drug trafficking is something that will never stop; poverty, sickness, unemployment, domestic violence, and the upbringing of children in such environments all contribute towards drug use. Yet a few of these cartels have diversified their portfolio to include protection fees on a monthly basis and sometimes daily fees, kidnappings, extortion, etc. forcing the country's economy into a downward spiral. If the American continent is to survive then these cartels must be wiped out. The question here is how? Corruption is rampant in Mexico, I have personally witnessed it, so where do we start, who do we turn to knowing that if we report crime?

  8. These so called "Zetas" can rott in hell!!!!

    Ive known for a long time that the things in durango were bad but never did i think it was as bad as i just found out they really were.. My uncle was kudnapped on Oct 26th abd we have heard no news of him or anything :( .. You never realuze how hard it is till it happens in your family... I wish he is okay wherever he is.


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