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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Around the Borderland Beat

In Mazatlan Sinaloa a group of heavily armed sicarios unleashed a barrage of gunfire on a white Cherokee where a woman was killed instantly inside. The victim was identified as Xóchitl Cristina Tapia Valle, 25, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The street was covered with spent casings from numerous AK-47's or "cuernos de chivo" type weapons.

Five young men were killed during a shootout from car to car in Mazatlan Sinaloa. According to unconfirmed reports a blue Astra was travelling from north to south on a local road when they were attacked and killed by individuals who were aboard another car armed with high caliber weapons.

One afternoon this Monday a body of a man was found in an area covered with thick brush in Culiacán, Sinaloa. The deceased was in an advanced state of decomposition. The victim had not been identified by police authorities and the cause of death is not known.

The Mayor of Monterrey, Fernando Larrazabal announced the termination of 105 local police officers as part of the "cleansing" announced since last December. Some of the officers terminated were accused in allegations of extortion, theft and abuse of citizens. They also had reports of disobeying their superiors.

Renounced violence and death in Tamaulipas. The government of Tamaulipas reported another shootout between rival groups in the municipality of San Fernando that left two men dead.

The town of Comarca Lagunera was soaked in red again when six men were shot Saturday night by an armed group in the community La Moderna.

A few hours earlier, police officers Wilder Mota and Osvaldo Samaniego were killed as they sat to eat in a restaurant south of Torreon.

In continuing with the violence in Tamaulipas there was a confrontation between elements of the national defense and armed groups that resulted in four civilians killed Saturday night on the road between the cities of Mier and Guerrero.

In Ciudad Juarez three men were killed while getting out of a taxi. Unknown sicarios opened fire with high caliber weapons on the tree men who died instantly at the scene. The three bodies ended up in the sidewalk and the men were not yet identified. The day before, three more men had been executed in the streets of Juarez, continuing the wave of violence which has become way too common.

This afternoon the Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez presented in a press conference 10 extortionists who had abducted several victims and who belong to a criminal gang called "Chago." They are responsible for at least six abductions. Their capture resulted in the liberation of at least one victim who was being held captive.

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  1. i was one block from the shooting in mazatlan of the little blue car .At 350 pm local time . the hit was on the federal hwy . the car was shot a by another car going north the jumped the center divider ending in the south bound lanes . all were dead at scene- it was automatic gun fire - this same area has had a number of shooting,fire bombs and grenade attackes


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