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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Sicarios Arrested in Police Slayings

Mexican police arrested five suspects in the killings of seven police officers and a bystander in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, authorities said Monday.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - Mexican police arrested five suspects in the killings of seven police officers and a bystander in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, authorities said Monday.

The sicarios arrested were identified as: Antonio Espinoza Reveles, Germán Isau Ozorno Manuel, Daniel Escobar Bonilla, Gerardo Torres Estrada and José Luis Hernández Montañéz.

The suspects are members of La Linea gang, the enforcement arm of the Juarez drug cartel, according to a statement from a joint anti-crime task force in Chihuahua state.

The men confessed to Friday's ambush of two police patrol trucks as they were flagged down for help by an unidentified man, the federal, state and local task force said. Six federal police officers and one local police woman were killed.

The suspects also confessed to 36 other slayings since 2009 and to extorting money from at least 21 businesses, the task force said.

Authorities also seized five guns: 12-gauge shotgun, rifle 7.62 x 39, mini rifle model 14, 12 gauge shotgun and a 9mm submachine gun and magazine.

In addition also seized were a 2002 gray Chevrolet Blazer without license plates and a 2001 gray Ford Escape with Juarez plates 142sbf7.

Homicides testified by Jose Luis Hernandez Montañez

1, 2 .- Victim: Two Men
Date of incident: December 5, 2009
Weapons used: "cuerno de chivo" and "AR-15"
Participants: "THE TITO", "EL Timmy" and "JAIME"
Reason .- belonged to the group “Los Chapos”

3 .- Victim: Male, 30 years old
Date of incident: December 6, 2009
Scene: Independence Boulevard Jilotepec
Weapon used: "cuerno de chivo"
Participants: "TITO" Y "JAIME"

4 .- Victim: Male adult
Date of incident: 20 to November 21 of 2009
Scene: Avenida Zaragoza and sisal.
Weapons used: small arms
Participants: "TITO" Y "JAIME"

5 .- Victim: Male adult
Date of incident: first week of January 2010
Weapons used: "cuerno de chivo" and "AR-15"
Participants: "TITO"

6 .- Victim: Male adult
Date of incident: second week of January 2010
Weapons used: small arms
Participants: "TITO"

7 .- Victim: Male adult
Date of incident: second week of February 2010
Weapons used: "cuerno de chivo", "AR-15" and handgun
Participants: "THE TITO"
Reason .- per orders of "ANDY"

8 AND 9 .- Victim: 2 Men's 25 and 30 years of age
Date of incident: third week of February 2010
Scene: Avenida Tecnológico
Weapons used: "cuerno de chivo" and handguns
Participants: "TITO" Y "JAIME"

Homicides testified by Jorge Antonio Lopez Piedra

1 .- Victim: Male
Date of incident: June 2008
Scene: in front of Chavira Fitness
Weapons used: .357 magnum
Reason .- per orders of "El Diego"

2 .- Victim: male (Nitro traveled by vehicle type)
Date of incident: July 2008
Scene: Avenida las Torres
Weapons used: .357 magnum
Reason .- per orders of "El Diego"

3, 4 and 5 .- Victim: 3 Men
Date of incident: July 2008
Scene: Colonia Mezquital
Weapons used: Uzzi gun type
Reason .- per orders of "El Diego"

6, 7, 8 and 9 .- Victim: 4 Men. (Police)
Date of incident: May 2009
Location of incident: On Missions
Weapons used: Uzzi gun type
Reason .- per orders of "El Diego"

10 .- Victim: Male
Date of incident: May 2009
Scene: La Paz Funeral Home

11 and 12 .- Victim: 2 Men
Date of incident: February 2010
Scene: Customs Broker

13 .- Victim: Male, 30 years old
Date of incident: March of 2010
Scene: Squares in Zaragoza
Weapons used: 9 mm pistol and Uzzi
Reason .- per orders of "El Diego"

14, 15 and 16 .- Victim: 3 Men
Date of incident: March 29, 2010
Scene: Ciudad Moderna

They testified about particpating in the attack on the truck of the Federal Police van in Colonia Satélite and used a firearm type "cuerno de chivo." by orders of "El Diego".

They also participated the attack on the Federal Police who were in a Hotel using "cuerno de chivo" type of weapons.

Also thatin the homicides at the bar Bandoleros participated "El Andy andD El Arnol.

Businesses extorted:

1. Hotel Juárez .- situated in the heart of the city
2. Hotel 16 located in city center
3. Hotel "Puerta del Sol" .- situated in Avenida Vicente Guerrero
4. Hotel "emperor" .- situated in Avenida Hermanos Escobar and Lopez Mateos.
5. Hotel "Bugambilias" .- situated in the Avenida Gomez Morin and Pedro Rosales.
6. Pharmacy located at Avenida Lopez Mateos Escobar Brothers.
7. Butcher shop situated on Avenida López Mateos, crossing Avenida de la Raza.
8. Bakery located inside the mall "Herrera."
9. Desponchadora (tire shop) situated between Avenida Gomez Morin National Army.
10. Bakery on streets Clouthier and Mamey
11. Restaurant "located in Charro Bulgy .- J. Street Clouthier and Pino.
12. Restaurant located on Calle Pina and Safflower.
13. Alarms .- situated in Capulin and Zaragoza Street.
14. Seafood restaurant located at Avenida Griensen Aztecs and Elisa.
15. Lumberyard located at Avenida Pino .- Aztecs and Tetzales.
16. Candy store situated on the Aztecs and Peacock Avenue.
17. Mariscos del Mar. - located in Zaragoza and Fourth Avenue
18. Alarms .- situated in street Popocatpetl and Clouthier.
19. Internet cafe located at street .- Clouthier and Wormwood.
20. Polarized .- situated in street Clouthier and Gomez Morin.
21. Mexican Food restaurant on Avenida Gomez Morin and Saturn.


  1. I really wish the media would stop legitamizing these confessions by taking them at face value. These media reports should always put in additional information on these alleged confessions. The media should always note they are alleged confessions and include that the MX miliary and fed police use torture to obtain these so-called confessions. Its simple logic. These are alleged hard core criminals and killers, why would men like these just confess to numerous crimes that increminate themselves all within just hours of there arrests. Tell me how many arrests led to the solving of numerous crimes including murder, extortion, kidnapping, etc. within just a matter of hours? The answer is NONE. The MX military and fed police want us to believe they solved all these crimes w/in a matter of hours by getting full honest confessions. Solving crimes is not that easy. If you want some persuasive evidence as to why the media should note these are alleged confessions and MX authorities consistently use torute to obtain them, just look at how many of these men who confessed to numerous crimes were released due to lack of evidence and false confessions obtained through torture. The number is astonishing. The important thing is when the Mexican gov. uses such methods it basically ruins all chances of a thourogh and beleiveable outcome of their investigations. It also ruins the mexican peoples confidence in the authorites. All of this is lost just so the MX. gov. can use these false confessions as propaganda. Its bad detective work and its laziness and the worst things is in the end most of these men they claim are criminals are let go due to these bad investigation techiniques. So in the end getting these confessions and the media broadcasting them as legit and accurate only hurt the citizens of MX and the Mxican govs credibilty and abilty to actually get criminals off the street.
    In sum, I would like to say this site is the best site to find information on what is happeing in MX. It is truly a groudbreaking site. So I challenge Borderlandbeat to start another groundbreaking first and that is putting in parenthesis or explaining that these are only alleged confessions and that the MX authorites consistently use torture to obtain them. You could then jusify doing these by including the #'s of cases that were dismissed by the courts due to lack of evidence and the use of torture to obtain confessions. By accepting this challenge Borderlandbeat could set a new standard for the media and in the long run if more media outlets did this it would possibly led to the Mexican people and American people realzing just how inefficient these confessions are and how they are actually setting back the solving of crimes in Mexico. Sooner or later the Mexican government would be forced to realize this only if the media has the guts to challenge them.

  2. joseph, what do you want the MX goverment and the fed to do? Give those criminal 3 meals a day and and a nice hospitality at their jail! Give me a break! They deserve the punishment and more. they have no remorse against their victims, so why be nice with them. I would say, after confession, hang em all in public!

  3. el govierno esta culpando gente inocente para decir que si hace su trabajo y meten a gente a la carcel y los culpables estan en la calle. asi es el maravilloso govierno mexicano


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