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Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Killed at Mechanic's Shop in Juárez

El Paso Times

Five men were shot and killed in a mechanic's shop Tuesday afternoon in a neighborhood near the Juárez airport, Chihuahua state prosecutor's spokesman said.

The shooting took place shortly before 3 at the shop near the intersection of Tamaulipas and Morelia streets.

State authorities identified the victims as José Adrian Soto, 33, Raul de la Cruz Rodríguez, 39, Jesús Eduardo Soto, 25, Victor Jaciel Soto, 21, and Jesús Abraham Pérez Pérez, 26.

Investigators counted 29 bullet casings at the scene. An investigation continues.

There had been at least one other homicide that day.

On Tuesday morning, Marcelo Meraz Vázquez, 21, was shot to death on a bed in his home in the town of El Porvenir in the Valley of Juárez, said Julio Castañeda, a spokesman for the state prosecutor's office.

Meraz was shot multiple times by gunmen armed with AK-47s. "They came in for him," Castañeda said.

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