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Friday, March 19, 2010

Violence Continues in Tamaulipas

Two dead in Mexican border cities near Starr County

Mier, Tamaulipas - Suspected drug violence continued south of the Rio Grande on Wednesday, as Tamaulipas state officials recorded two new homicides in border cities.

Authorities reported a man was shot to death during an armed confrontation with Mexican army soldiers Wednesday on the outskirts of Mier, across the border from western Starr County. Federal authorities continue to investigate and no further information was immediately available.

In Miguel Alemán, state officials found the body of a man strangled with a plastic cord on the banks of the Rio Grande across from Roma. Tamaulipas state police continue to investigate the homicide and no further information was available.

The two homicides in the small cities across from Starr County were joined by several other incidents reported across Tamaulipas state.

Mexican marines found an abandoned police truck near Ciudad Victoria, the Tamaulipas state capital, on Wednesday. The three officers inside the patrol truck remain missing.

In Hidalgo, Tamps., about 150 miles southwest of McAllen, armed civilians opened fire on the city’s police station. One transit policeman was killed and another was injured. State authorities continue to investigate the incident.

The violence across Tamaulipas comes as the Gulf Cartel and Zetas drug trafficking groups battle for control of smuggling routes across Tamaulipas and into South Texas.

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