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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Mazatlan Officers Executed

Two municipal police officers were killed in a confrontation against sicarios.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-  The shooting occurred at 7:25 pm Tuesday when the two officers were on patrol in vehicle # 57. The driver of the police unit was Maximino Garcia Ortiz, alias "El Coyote," who held the position of chief operating officer of the South district and his passenger was officer Julio Cesar Trujillo. Several Sicarios that were on board a gray SUV Nitro pulled next to the officers and began firing at them.

Trujillo got out of the police vehicle to attempt to engage the sicarios but was shot numerous times. He fell to the ground and was hit by a city bus launching him several feet away. Trujillo was killed instantly from the gunfire.

Garcia Ortiz continued to drive away but lost control forcing him to veer off the road. He then was shot from the front of the vehicle and died instantly while sitting inside the vehicle. Both officers sustained fatal gunshots to the body and head.

The gunmen fled the scene in the direction of Villa Union. It is assumed that offenders are in the town of Barron where an intense search is under way.

This is where the police vehicle rested after Garcia Ortiz lost control and veered off the road.

 The interior of the police truck where Garcia Ortiz was killed.

Two bullet holes can be seen on the windshield, Garcia Ortiz never had a chance once the sicarios caught up with him.

By the size of the bullet holes it appears to be a long gun.

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