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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three Police Executed in San Nicolás and Total Police Chaos

Police officers in San Nicolas get briefed on the execution of three of their colleagues. Officers were upset for the lack of resources and low pay at the Secretary of Security.

The police officers were attacked with assault rifles when they were on the patrol car number 430 of the municipal police, having completed patrols in the red light district; the police agency just yesterday had hired a new Secretary of security.

Presumably sicarios in a red SUV disarmed the officers of their weapons after they had been intercepted and forced to get out of their patrol unit.

San Nicolás de los Garza, NL - Three policemen of the municipality of San Nicolas were killed and one more seriously injured after a shooting from organized crime.

According to the investigation conducted by elements of the ministerial police homicide unit, around 4:00 am a red SUV blocked the path of a patrol unit and forced the four police officers out of the unit at gunpoint. The officers were disarmed of their weapons.

According to statements provided by the injured officer that survived the attack, the unarmed officers were then ordered back in the police vehicle, were given a message and were then sprayed with bullets while inside the police car.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Bonifacio Salinas and Avenue D in the community of Hacienda los Morales within the city limits of Guadalupe.

Killed in the execution were Juan Francisco Mendoza Ramírez, Francisco Alejandro Charles Rodríguez and Luis Eduardo Resendis Dominguez, all three dead at the scene. The fourth officer, a cadet in training, was seriously injured. The vehicle sustained at least 50 impact rounds from a .223 caliber AR-15 type weapon.

At the scene elements from different police agencies as well as military personnel arrived to secure the area, process the scene and conduct an investigation.

They continue to work under protest due to the multiple excuction in San Nicolás

After the attacks last week against the police agency of San Nicolás and the multiple executions this morning, the officers voiced their concerns about the lack of resources, weapons and security in this new administration.

Around a hundred police officers filled the halls of the police station "Cedeco" and waited for the arrival of the Secretary, Antonio Gamiño Gutierrez.

One of the officers interviewed expressed his discomfort and requested that they return the rifles that they took away, since one of the officers that died yesterday was not carrying a weapon.

Another of the protests is the salary increases that have not been given to the police officers.

Following the execution of the three municipal police officers, other officers of the police agency held a protest where they demanded higher wages and better safety equipment like long arms. Faced with increased attacks on officers, Antonio Gamino, Secretary of Public Security of the town, said he will also wear a uniform.

Targetting Zetas and police (or polizetas)

Aldo Fasci said that the recent grenade attacks on police forces in Nuevo Leon were made by the Gulf cartel and are a warning for the police officers working for the Zetas, or polizetas. He added that the message is very clear; officers working for the Zetas must resign from the police force or they will be killed.

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