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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Street Gang Connection

Mexican DTO's will not think twice to utilize the US and Mexican street gangs to maximize their effort in ensuring they remain the primary supplier of illicit drugs to the US.

Most recently the street gangs in Mexico and the US have been receiving a lot of notoriety. The recent execution of the two Americans in Ciudad Juarez with ties to the US consulate has many in the media and both sides of the government pointing their finger at Barrio Azteca, and with reason. 

Looking at the crime spree in the last few years in Mexico they have good reason to be suspect and be very concerned. The massacre of 16 students in cold blood in February of this year in Ciudad Juarez was possibly done to take out some of the "Double A" or "Artistas Asesinos." The mass killings last year in some of the rehab centers in Juarez have had ties to Barrio Azteca.

It has been rumored for some time that street gangs have allied with the big drug cartels, in the US and Mexico. They do this to distribute the drugs and in many cases to be the foot soldier of the big drug corporations.

The Barrio Azteca has had a strong relationship with the Juarez cartel while the “AA” have been rumored to support the Sinaloa cartel of El Chapo Guzman.

These are just two of the more prominent gangs active in both Juarez and El Paso, but there are more, a lot more. Only someone very naïve about drug trafficking strategy would think that gangs do not have links to the Mexican drug cartels, simply because they deal in the same business; drugs and violence.

So we should not be surprised when Mexico apprehends sicarios and they find them to be from a street gang with a cartel connection. Americans are very concern about the “spillover” of violence and drugs in to US soil, and some even dread that perhaps someday the Mexican drug cartels will set up shop in the US as they do in Mexico.

Most experts will tell you that the infiltration of the drug cartels in to the US will have a different approach, in comparison to how they do business in Juarez. Primarily because both countries are dynamically different, the social and governmental structure will require a total different method in penetrating the border. They will not simply walk across the border and dig in the cartel flag.

They will be more discreet about it and more likely will use the street gangs to accomplish it. The street gangs are already in the streets and already have a working knowledge in the criminal enterprise, on a more grass root basis, but they still perform the same functions to a degree.

The truth be told, the big Mexican drug cartels already use the street gangs in Mexico and US, and will most likely use them more now that the heat is on to continue their huge profit from the huge drug consumer to the north. That is certainly guaranteed.

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