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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shootout in China, Nueo Leon

Confrontation with military in China, NL leaves one dead.

An armed commando attacked the Mexican military who had arrived to the scene after detecting the suspicious trucks parked outside a restaurant.

China, Nuevo Leon - Once again, the terror struck the calm state of Nuevo Leon. This time around 40 sicarios who were traveling in fourteen late model armored vehicles confronted the Mexican military on the Monterrey-Reynosa highway at kilometer 98.

The exchange of gunfire between unknown sicarios and the military forces began at 2130 hours on Wednesday in the parking lot of a store which also serves as a gas station, auto service shop and restaurant.

At the scene the military arrested two of the sicarios who suffered gunshot wounds while another man was killed from gunfire.

The vehicles of the sicarios were parked in front of the business, at which time several of them got out, while the rest remained outside next to the vehicles.

The presence of the vehicles caught the attention an army convoy, whose elements stopped to investigate but were greeted with gunfire by the sicarios.

The gunfight between the military forces and the sicarios lasted for two hours. The military positioned themselves on the street to engage the sicarios that were in the parking lot.

During the shooting, the subjects took refuge behind the trucks and others managed to flee aboard four vehicles that were travelling against traffic on the highway.

During the gunfight a Cadillac burst into flames and the fire detonated several grenades from inside the vehicle.

At the scene the military found magazines for assault rifles, spent shell casings around the vehicles and other burned objects and clothing.

The window and glass on the doors of the restaurant were broken from the bullets; pieces of glass were strewn on the ground.

Inside the restaurant was substantial damage from the impact of gunfire.

On the right side of the building of the business was visible blood splatter.

The vehicles seized were a Tundra, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota, a van Pacific, Cheyenne and a Suburban.

Inside the vehicle the military found cell phones, radios and cash.

A notebook with a drawing of a Zeta emblem.

This is the booster for a RPG-7 which connects to the sustainer motor. It contains the stablilizer fins for the rocket. Pictured is the rear of the rocket which shows the rear offset fins. .

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