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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures of Shootout in Anahuac

Warning, graphic content!

Remember the shootout on March 6 between sicarios and the military in Anahuac? Eight sicarios and two soldiers were reportedly killed. Well we received some anonymously pictures of the scene. Be aware that some of these photos are graphic depicting violence as the result of the shootout.

Two sicarios, a male in the middle of the street and the female next to the car.

The male next to an AK-47. What I find rare on this photo is that I would think that someone would have moved that rifle away from his hand until they knew for certain that the sicario was dead. Unless they placed it back for the picture.

The female sicario that had been reported as being armed to the teeth. Although there has been instances of females in drug cartels, it is rare for a female to be a sicario and be involved in a shootout.

A close up of the female sicario. It appears that most of her trauma is to the front and it looks like her weapon is right underneath her left hand.

On the side of a dirt road is a younger man face up and without a shirt. 

He appears to have at least to gunshot wounds to his chest, no head trauma. His bloody shirt is right next to him. he is holding a handgun on his right hand.

The handgun is a 92f Beretta, US military issue. The hammer is pulled back. I don't know, but somehow the position of the gun in the hand doesn't look natural after someone just got shot during a shootout.

Man behind a house, between a wall and facing up.

He is still holding an AR-15 with inserted magazine on his right hand. Most trauma is concentrated to the right side of his body. Notice the ballistic vest underneath him.

He appears to have extra magazines strapped to his left leg. You can see that the bullet proof vest is underneath him and not velcroed closed. A lot of blood to his right leg.

Closer look, left arm on top of his head, toward the rifle.

Military Humvee shot up and damage to right front side from what appears a collision.

Some of the items found at the scene. A lot of radio equipment. Note the paddle used to hit people.

The truck belonging to the sicarios. No impacts from bullets seen, suggesting they moved away from the vehicle.

The other sicario truck. Notice the heavy bullet holes on the windshield, suggesting the sicarios were still inside and the hail from rounds forced them to collide with the parked red car.


  1. Some of the pictures suggest that the pictures where taken to prove something.. The guns seem like they where purposely placed in certain places for the picture..

    Notice the guy with the vest underneath him.. What was hi holding his vest out with his left hand while he got shot? Why would it be underneath him?

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  6. Gun battles between the two is so devastating. It is sucks for that.

  7. Does this happen often hey am from kenya we do get gun battles with cops en robbers but mostly guys here use machetes,spears know close combat weapons its harder to take out a human being with these the images are so graphic u can imagine dude a guy chopped up ten times cz these weapons got no accuracy they are barbaric...but still if this is mexico then woow hows life their???????? Its like all sort of guns are used down there en how do this criminals get such sophisticated weapons even our army dont have????????

  8. The women and man close to the women were not sicarios. They were killed while walking home from their factory job close by. The factory is crossing the street. Though the other 2 men were members, I am not sure why the soldiers decided to make the two innocent bystanders as culprits. The man and the women were a young couple and their wrongful deaths felt all over family and friends. Plus were they laid dead was their neighborhood as well.


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