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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Over 90 Police Officers Detained

Mexican police implicated in killings, kidnappings.

Scores of police officers — including the entire department of one town — have been detained in Mexican probes of killings and kidnappings.

Mayor Alfredo Osorio of the Gulf coast town Tierra Blanca said Monday that about 90 city policemen were being held for questioning about the kidnapping of undocumented Central American migrants.

The officers — the town's entire local force — were detained by state police and soldiers and taken to the capital of the Gulf coast state of Veracruz for questioning. No formal charges had been filed.

The police allegedly kidnapped the migrants to shake them down for money. Central Americans frequently are robbed or abused by police or by drug gangs as they cross Mexico to seek work in the United States.

In the central State of Mexico, prosecutors announced the arrest of two policemen and two former officers on charges they participated in 11 killings related to robberies.

The officers, ex-officers and a fifth man posing as a police office, had been assigned to two towns on the outskirts of Mexico City. They were detained over the weekend.

Mexico State Attorney General Alberto Baz Baz said the men allegedly preyed on businessmen and professionals, snatching them off the streets to steal debit cards and other possessions, and then often killing them. Another ex-officer is being sought in the case. Some of the crimes were allegedly committed while the officers were on duty.

The suspects face possible prison sentences of up to 70 years. They had no attorney of record.


  1. This scum of the earth.. How can we expect to be treated as humans in the US, or to kill racism when we as Mexicans also do it.. How can we expect to be treated any different than what we are potraying.. We act like animals to central people when they cross mexico into the US, abuse them, rob them and kill them.. But we want to stir shit up when they do that to us in the US, right?
    Shit like this kills my morale, humanity is not all filth and trash.. I'm glad we do have some decent people who still care and value human life.

  2. Well said. It is these type of people that me ashamed to be Mexican.

  3. Woody from Whittier, CA.March 21, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    Thank you guys for both of your comments. I'm not Mexican but when I read that article, I thought "man how embarrassing for the Mexicans, I mean white people do some really messed up stuff also, (kill the neighbor kids and eat them for dinner), hey I've read it, or atleast seen it on the news, but 90 police officers arrested is pretty insane. All 90 of them Owe you guys an apology. In person, Take Care you guys..Woody from Whittier, CA.


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