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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Foot Soldiers of the Drug Cartel

The drug cartel connection that has been overlooked;
the US/Mexican street gangs.

From the The New York Times -
"They carry both American passports and high-caliber weapons, making them the perfect cross-border assassins. They confuse the authorities by using a coded language that blends English, Spanish and the Aztecs’ ancient tongue of Nahuatl. The threat of prison is no big fear for members of the Barrio Azteca street gang, because they consider the cellblock to be home.

Barrio Azteca supplies hired killers for the drug traffickers who operate in Ciudad Juárez,

Barrio Azteca works for the Juárez cartel, which is run by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, and the drug gang’s enforcement arm, which is known as La Línea, or The Line. Their avowed enemies on the Mexican side of the border are members of the Sinaloa cartel, which has been fighting for control of the lucrative smuggling route through the northern state of Chihuahua."

On Monday we will take a closer look at the street gangs like "Los Aztecas," and how they interact with the Mexcian cartel in their mayhem to retain their power base.

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