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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Executed for "Pointing the Finger"

Three armored vehicles, weapons and drugs were the items found during a military operation carried out in an underground parking in Cristina Plaza, located in the heart of the city. The person who notified the authorities about the vehicles was executed by sicarios a short time after.

Guasave, Sinaloa -  After a military operation was carried out in the underground parking lot of the Plaza Christina where the Mexican army seized three armor vehicles, weapons and drugs, armed Sicarios returned to the crime scene and killed a person that was the apparent care taker of the parking lot.

According to information obtained at the crime scene, the person who was killed by multiple gun wounds from gunfire was a person by the name of Gabriel Gaxiola Sotelo, 37.

Found at the crime scene next to the body of the victim was a narco sign left by the killers with a message that mentioned the facts of the operation and accused the victim of being the person who notified the authorities.

An AK-47 known as "cuerno de chivo" was used to execute the victim leaving 9 spent casings on the floor around the body.

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