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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Citizen's Plea to the Capos

The streets of Mante, Tamaulipas are spilled with blood as two people are executed.

From the mail

A while back there had been some e-mails circulating from drug cartels, telling citizens not to panic while they “cleaned the streets of Los Zetas.” But a couple of days ago another e-mail made its rounds. What made this one different was that it came from citizens of a town in Mexico pleading to the drug cartel to leave. The town of mante has been a battle ground for the drug cartels where they recently executed two police commanders. There is real fear in some of these places in the northwest plazas of Mexico that only the ones who live there really know.

"Gulf Cartel, Familia Michoacana, Sinaloa Cartel, Zetas Cartel; your armed commandos that are patrolling our community are causing panic among our people when we hear the roar of gunfire from heavy weapons or the explosion of grenades that have us terrified. The Government have only showed us their back, the military does nothing for us, and the news media does not report what is happening. What is really happening here is real fear of reprisals. The last thing left to do is to entrust our lives to God and plead with you to leave us live in peace. Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, Joaquin Guzman Loera, Ezequiel Cárdenas Gullen, Familia Michoacana take your sicarios out of our City and our neighboring towns.

Att: Inhabitants of Cd Mante and the Region."

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