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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Body of Captured Man Found

The body of a man foud was the same man who had been captured by Mexican marines the day before. The dead man had the same clothing and description as the same man that was arrested in Santa Catarina, for the the attack on the Secretary of Security of the same municipality.

The pictures shows the man with the brown shirt been escorted to a Mexican naval helicopter, the next day his body was found with signs of torture.

The dead body of narcomenudista arrested during the confrontation between drug traffickers and police in Santa Catarina, was found in a vacant lot in the Community Palmas Diamante in San Nicolas.

The clothing the dead man was wearing is identical to the man that was arrested Sunday and was later transported by marine personnel in a helicopter.

The deceased was wearing a brown shirt with a "B" on the left chest height, the same shirt he wore when he was apprehended by the Mexican marines.

In a statement, the federal agency reported that between 14:20 hours and 17:50 hours on Monday they transported two wounded men by helicopter to University Hospital and also a suspect that was not injured but allegedly participated in a shootout with police.

The Secretariat stressed that the involvement by the navy was only to transport the suspect, identified as Eduardo Murrieta, and was turned over to the chief of the Municipal Police of Santa Catarina.

His body was found wrapped in a blanket (encobijado) next to a tree and showed physcial signs of torture.

The discovery of the body sparked a strong police mobilization from the ministry, San Nicolás and Apodaca police.

The question that someone need to answer to is, who killed this man?

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