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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barricaded Streets with Vehicles

20 roads barricaded with at least 40 vehicles in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Miguel Alemán and Reynosa, Nuevo Leon - According to the early reports, shortly after 1730 hours on March 18, 2010, groups of people barricaded and closed the state road Miguel Alemán, along with setting several vehicles on fire after forcing the occupants out at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, on the highway to Reynosa near the toll booth of Guadalupe, in similar circumstances, people were forced out of their vehicles and were used to barricade the street. The vehicles included a tractor trailer and a bus. No one was reported injured during both incidents.

Elements of the state and municipal police, along with the military arrived at the scene to help clear the streets and secure the scene.

Official refuse to say if there was any confrontations or if there were any arrests.

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