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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

They Would Like to Die Again

The students in Juares would like to die again: PAN

Francisco Javier Landeros Gutierrez told the full House of Representatives that young people massacred in Ciudad Juarez "would like to die again" simply by the criticism from the left to the governments of the PAN and the PRI for their inability to stop the insecurity in the state.

Landero Gutierrez's statement came yesterday during a heated debate in San Lazaro by the massacre in Juarez, in which he tried to evade responsibility of the PAN of the situation on the grounds that they were using "hate" when criticizing.

To this said Rep. Gerardo Fernandez Norona pointed the following:

"I ask the deputy Landeros, who says with a light impressive tone that young people would die again if they heard this debate, I want to ask: die being shot, or how will they die? What would be the way they will choose to die? "

"What impudence to say you that they will die again or that they are better if they did. If the relatives heard I do want to know how they would treat you."

"How little shame. That is why our country is like it is.

"The energy, the firmness, the size is not hate. Calderón has me without care. Is not a problem of hate. What hurts me is the most is my people's misery, poverty, hunger, inequality and social injustice. What irritates me is when they say that young people are going to die again because they did not have to die and especially in that miserable way. "

Noroña accused the PAN for causing the situation of youth in the country for privatizing education and reducing the budgets of universities.

The PT candidate also challenged the left for trying to go into alliance with the PAN. "It's the triumph of the chuchismo" he said.

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