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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sicarios Captured Before they Could Kill

Federal Police captured hired assasins before they could kill.

Ciudad Juarez, Chih - The federal Public Security Secretariat reported that elements of the Federal Police today arrested two suspected sicarios of the organization called "La Línea", who confessed at the time of their arrest that they had orders to carry out an attack to abduct a Federal Prosecutor in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

The detainees are:

Agustin Herrera Ruiz 34 years old, alias "El Martín" a native of Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua and Raúl Corpus Mireles 25 years old and a native of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

They were in possession of the following items:

A long gun AK-47
A 9mm handgun
3 chargers
73 cartridges
A 2000 black truck black
A gray pickup truck
A cell phone

This arrest was realized through intelligence work and the support of the community, which allowed locating the two men on the black truck, who when they saw the presence of the police, they attempted to flee on foot, but was captured after a short chase.

Agustin Herrera and Raul Corpus admitted that they were paid 5000 pesos ($400 dollars) a week to conduct illicit work for the criminal group known as "La Línea," and they identified the leaders of the group as two individuals dubbed as "El Dos" and "El Uno." The work they planned to carry out on this occasion was to take away the life of the Federal prosecutor, in order to strip the federal agency of files of investigations involving the criminal group in question.

It said the suspects had other accomplices who were waiting in a gray truck and who had the role of "muro". The police at the scene were able to locate the keys to the truck, but it was found with no occupants. They were continuing patrols in the area to locate these individuals.

The detainees, weapons and vehicles were made available to the Agency of the Federal Public Ministry in the state.

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