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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shootout Between Sicarios Leaves 3 Dead

Shootout Between Sicarios Leaves 3 Dead.

Ciuadad Juarez, Chih - Three people were killed this afternoon in a confrontation that occurred in an intersection and in front of dozens of drivers.

According to initial police reports four subjects that were travelling in two cars exchanged gunfire in the intersection of Manuel J. Cluothier and Avenida Tecnológico.

The occupants in the gray Grand Am and the ones in a black late model truck with Texas plates exchanged gunfire right in that intersection.

Subsequently the two drivers were killed in the clash leaving the two vehicles abandoned a few feet of the intersection on Avenue Manuel J. Cluothier right in the parking lot of a restaurant "El Atoron."

It was also learned that the passenger in the Explorer attempted to run away with a gun in hand as a companion in the gray car followed him, also armed with a gun.

While running away, the passenger of the Explorer came in front of a military unit who he threatened with his weapon and the soldiers opened fire against him.

He was killed as the result of the military response, leaving hi body in the intersection of Popocatepetl and Avenida Manuel J. Clouthier.

Also at the scene there were two others people injured who it was believed to be one of the other attackers that was traveling in one of the cars.

While another person involved was found walking in the area and was transported to the hospital for medical attention.

So far none of the people involved have been identified and authorities expected in the coming hours to disclose further details of what happened.

A number of police from various agencies arrived to secure the scene and preserve any possible evidence as a result of this confrontation.

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