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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Political Machine has Failed Juarez

In March 2009, Felipe Calderón said he wanted "all the toys" of Jack Bauer to fight crime. Today the PGR refuses to bring the case of the slaughter of young people in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

Less than a year after Felipe Calderón said in an interview with the BBC in London that he had told a U.S. government official that he wanted to be like "Jack Bauer" from the series "24",  to have "all the toys" in combating crime, but the PGR now has refused to bring the case of the slaughter of 16 young people in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

Calderon's statement came as part of an interview published on March 31, 2009. In the interview, former PAN presidential candidate made the following statement:

"When I tried to explain to a U.S. official, I told him that I need the technology that you have to do my homework.

Like what?

Well, I said have you seen the television show 24 hours of Jack Bauer?, Well, "I want all the toys", I said, I want all those toys."

According to Calderon, he said having that it was going to "allow technology to defeat crime."

However, today the PGR rejected to bring the case of the slaughter of 16 young people in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. This was announced by the spokesman of the PGR, Ricardo Najera.

The people are critical of the absence of Calderon in Ciudad Juarez amid the escalating violence.

The two previous times in that in the last two years that the president has visited the town has been for a total time of 90 minutes and was heavily guarded away from the public and only to meet with business leaders. Today businessmen, educators and maquiladora workers were critical of Felipe Calderón in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

According to newspaper Reforma, one of the criticisms of Calderon was that despite the presence of more than 16 thousand military, federal, state and municipal police, all that has failed to curb the crime in the city.

Consequently, they are now demanding the presence of Calderon and his security cabinet in Ciudad Juarez.

Four days in to the slaughter of 16 people, mostly youngsters, by an armed commando in this border city, Felipe Calderón has only made some statements about it and that was days after the massacre.

Demands from various sectors of society against Calderon for the massacre continue to grow.

In Ciudad Juarez, meanwhile, the relatives of the murdered boys have been threatened by telephone.

Amid the fear and anxiety of the relatives of the students who were killed while in a party on Last weekend, three of the youths were buried in the cemetery of this border.

Some of the parents of the victims avoided giving interviews to the media as they watched the coffins with the bodies among dozens of federal, state and municipal police guarding the security of the ceremony.

One of the parents of young that was killed said most of the affected families were threatened by the aggressors, some of the telephone calls were made directly to their houses while others via text messages to their cell phones.

He said the threat said something to the effect of "that if they gave information of the incident, they would suffer the same consequences as their children, forcing them away from the media and other forms of communication.

The spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), Carlos Gonzalez Estrada, informed that seven federal investigators arrived at the border town to support local authorities in the investigation of the 16 murders.

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