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Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Pictures of Police Ambush

Maravatio, Michoacan - At the end of January 2010 a convoy of federal highway patrol officers were ambushed and at leat 5 of them lost their life (as reported here). Here are more pictures we managed to find. Most are of the cars riddled with bullet holes.

After the shooting there was a huge police and military presence, a lot of them at the crime scene (picture above). I hope someone is setting up a perimeter to find the bad guys (it doesn't do any good to just stand around looking at the scene). Hope there is a full scale search with road blocks. In the U.S. you don't see this many police officers or military by that matter, congregating right in the middle of a crime scene. You need everybody out there looking for the perpetrators.

It looks like all the cars were sprayed with gunfire from all directions.

Some of the shots were in tight groups, indicating a possible active/former police or military person.

The bullet holes were big, the officers never had a chance.

One of the slain officers from one of the cars, looks like he was the one partially outside the police car (picture above). Might had attempted to get away, but the sicarios were shooting from several different points.

The impacts on the windshield indicate the source originated from the front, probably from a parked car on the highway in front of the police convoy. Then another shooter from the side.

The other police car had similar impact hits on the windshield, from the same direction as the other vehicle and it appears like they were targetting the driver.

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