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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More on the Arrest of El Muletas

Tijuana BC - It’s the second time in a very short period time a black AH 60 helicopter flies in low circles at the Fidepaz neighborhood in La Paz, BCS.

The next day there is the following out of the news sources. Mexican federal police arrested two suspected gang leaders Monday, delivering another big blow to a brutal drug cartel that terrorized the border city of Tijuana for several years.

Commando uniforms taken during an operation bearing the skull with crossed crutches.

The capture of Raydel Lopez Uriarte and Manuel Garcia Simental apparently wipes out the existing leadership of the cartel headed by Teodoro Garcia Simental, who was captured last month. Teodoro and Manuel Garcia are brothers. Lopez, known as “El Muletas,” and Garcia, known as “El Chiquilin,” were arrested Monday in La Paz.

Mexico’s Public Security Department confirmed the arrests in a brief statement, describing Manual Garcia as the gang’s leader after his brother’s arrest and Lopez as the current second-in-command.
It said the arrests were the result of leads starting with the capture of Teodoro Garcia in La Paz on Jan. 12, but offered no further details on the operations.

Jose Manuel Garcia Simental aka "El Chiquilín" brother of "El Teo"
The gang was known for its brutality, having executed, beheaded and mutilated hundreds of rivals in Tijuana, which is across the U.S. border from San Diego. Gang members pinned notes to corpses and dissolved bodies in caustic soda.
Tedoro Garcia’s arrest netted 19 mobile phones and two laptop computers. Twelve more cartel suspects were arrested in two raids in late January, including two men and a women who were allegedly about to dissolve a body in a bathtub with chemicals.

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