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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More are Executed in TJ

In the short span of one hour Saturday afternoon five men were executed in the east side of Tijuana, including the execution of the police chief of the Preventive police of the state, José Angel Meza Valdez, said the state attorney general's office.

These events occurred as stated in community of Mariano Matamoros in two separate incidents, while the police chief happened in the Buenos Aires Norte.

Two of the deceased were found in the streets Corregidora and Rafaela López Aguado in the community of Mariano Matamoros and only one was identified at the moment with the name of César Alberto Grijalva Félix.

Both bodies had signs of violence with multiple bullet holes caused by gunshots and in the area were located 26 casings from a 9mm weapon.

The bodies of the victims were laying close to some tractor trailers for what is presumed that these men were the drivers.

The second incident was reported in a drainage canal in the street Uxmal, in the same community of Mariano Matamoros. There they located the body of Juan Gabriel Sanchez Diaz, 36, whose remains were among the debris, branches and water from the current floods. At the scene they located five 9mm caliber shell casings.

Tijuana, BC - With these executions the toll has increased to 134 violent deaths so far this January and February 2010.

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