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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mexico's Drug War Could Turn Into a Civil War?

According to the most recent reports; President Felipe Calderón has ordered 50,000 troops to fight in the Mexican Drug Wars.

The mexican president also broke with tradition when he don a green army uniform in one address to frontline soldiers. However these efforts have yeild little success.

Some international observers believe that the Mexican Drug wars could be turning into a civil war with each side becoming more entrenched.
According to a recent Time's report, Mexican "Gangsters have long financed their own music genre (drug ballads) nurtured their own fashion style (buchones, crocodile-skin boots alongside designer bling) and revered an early 20th century bandit, Jesus Malverde, as a narco saint.
But the effort to forge their own religious sect is new, proof of a cultural autonomy to match their fearsome ability to defy Mexico City and Washington with impunity."

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