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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mexican Army Hassling a Reporter

A news cameraman in a public street was told by Mexican soldiers that he could not record an accident involving one of their trucks. He was told he could be there but not record the accident.

Here in the U.S. if you can be there, then you can record. In the surface, it looks bad, especially since it involves one of their vehicles, it gives the impression of a cover up at minimum.

This continues to be problematic, authorities having the right to protect a scene and reporters trying to do their job, if it's legitimate on both sides, there should be a middle ground of compromise.

1 comment:

  1. At one moment one of the soldiers asks the camera man why he is filming if its just an accident? The reporter responds that accidents interest him, and that's how he makes a living. Another soldier approaches and then asks the cameraman why he doesn't cover all the kidnappings that happen instead of things like this.

    I totally agree, the media in Mexico seems to almost me anti government at times and pro drug cartels. I can only shake my head at this and pray for the troops fighting the drug war in Mexico.


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